Orlando isn’t just Mickey Mouse and roller coasters, it’s also a place where you can cross a suspension bridge over a lake of crocodiles. Not too surprising, since it is Florida, but the suspension bridge is just a small part of the overall adventure that is this awesome safari in Orlando!

So, skip the 20+ hour flights and rounds of immunization shots, and grab a ticket to Disney, instead! 

Animal Kingdom is an amazing place, not just for tourists, but for the animals themselves. Wide open spaces, grazing, and a natural environment are an ideal place for otherwise wild animals. It’s easy to forget your not somewhere in Africa, and for those adventurous souls looking for a more intimate experience, there’s the Wild Africa Trek.

Your journey begins at check-in, where you’ll leave most of your belongings in lockers and don tacky-yet-fitting vests and harnesses. You’ll trek through the Pangani Forest Trail to visit the primates first, then hike through the jungle to a cliff overlooking the hippo enclosure.

Further walking eventually takes you to the suspension bridge, where Nile crocodiles sunbathe by the Safi River beneath you. While the bridge looks rickety, don’t worry, the “ropes” are actually made from steel.

The second part of the tour will be by an open-concept version of the Kilimanjaro Safari bus, where you’ll wind through the Savannah roads and observe all kinds of animals roaming the plains.

You’ll come to rest at the Boma enclosure, where you’ll refresh yourself from your long journey with African-inspired snacks and get a panoramic view of the Harambe Reserve. A perfect end to an unforgettable adventure.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Safari

Price: $189

When: Times available daily

Address: 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32830

Why You Need To Go: Get up close and personal with wild animals on the safari trek!

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