While they’re not particularly hidden gems, attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are amazing, immersive places within the Universal and Disney parks. You'll completely forget your mundane muggle life and live as a wizard or Jedi-in-training for a day. But for as vast as they are, the parks still hold secluded areas that fall under the radar of even the most dedicated park-goers. For just such an experience, you can visit Seuss Landing in Universal Studios Orlando anytime!

If you were a fan of the Dr. Seuss books as a kid, and maybe even as an adult, then you’ll feel spirited away to that same sense of wonder and whimsy when you wander into this portion of the Universal park.

The tiny island includes six rides inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss. The indoor ride of The Cat in the Hat, The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride which is a twin-track tour suspended above the park, a spinning musical ride inspired by One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, a carousel, stage show, and interactive kid zone.

While largely geared towards a younger audience, fans of all ages can enjoy this dreamlike island.

A little-known fact about this portion of Universal is that, true to the playful and out-of-the-box nature of Dr. Seuss’s world, there isn’t a single straight line in the whole park. Palm trees that were twisted and bent by the strong winds of Hurricane Andrew were even planted to continue this theme.

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Seuss Landing Universal Orlando

Price: $123 for a day pass

When: Open daily

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Why You Need To Go: Relive your favorite childhood books and enjoy a dreamlike Dr. Seuss park!

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