It's everyone's dream to have a G.I. Joe adventure. Thankfully, that dream can become a reality at this Central Florida hidden gem. Tank America in Orlando has the badest rides around, and it promises to turn Florida's infamous rainy season into an experience that would make G.I. Joe jealous.

As soon as you step through the Melbourne attraction doors, a sudden adrenaline rush will hit you. The entire complex resembles a battlefield, complete with monster tanks that you'll be able to jump in the cockpit and drive on a dirt track.

While the vehicles are certainly fun in the typical weather, during the rainy season, this excursion truly takes on a life of its own. The track turns into a muddy terrain, complete with hard-dipping mud pits.

There is something about crashing into a water ditch, at precisely the right moment, that makes this attraction genuinely exhilarating. It will truly feel like you're on a war field, ready to fight and defeated the enemy.


The experience of driving a tank on a muddy track in pouring tropical downpours is something that can't be replicated. You will be on an ultimate mission of a lifetime, but that's only half the battle.


Before you hit the trail, you will have to attend a brief safety and vehicle training course. Then, you'll have your choice of four events. The first, Basic Tank Traning, will allow you to take a FV433 Abbot Tank around the track.

The second experience, the Commander Package, will have you drive an APC Combat Locked Up. The third, Advance Tank Package, includes a chance for you and a friend to obliterate cars with your tank. The final experience includes combat and car totaling.

There are other packages, including a machine gun shooting range and laser tag, but the tank driving is the star of the show. If you ever wanted to experience what it was like to drive a tank through Florida's muddy expanse, this is definitely your place.

Tank America 

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 9150 Ellis Rd., Melbourne, FL 32904 

Why You Should Go: Take advantage of Florida's rainy season by driving a tank through a muddy track. 


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