Hiii-YAH, Sushi! Everybody wants sushi, but we often find that we have to set aside a good chunk of the day to go grab a bite. Since we don't always have time to go and eat out in our ever-busier lives Sus Hi Eatstation has opened a new location in Orlando where you can enjoy your favorite rolls fast. Basically, it's like the Chipotle of Sushi - a dream come true really.

At this fast-foodesque sushi restaurant, you can get your sushi made for you super fast, AND BY NINJAS (that's right, I said Ninjas). They consider every employee a "ninja" and their job is to make delicious sushi, fast, with quality ingredients that they prep fresh daily. According to their website, they started their sushi mission with 4 core values in mind, passion, creativity, integrity, and fun.

Their food looks absolutely delicious but don't just take my word for it! See for yourself just how amazing everything looks below:

Not only does their food look phenomenal but the whole place is truly spectacular on the inside too! They have some super Insta-friendly feature walls inside all of their locations, which they call Dojos. Below you can see a couple different shots of how Insta-worthy their dojos are:

@miltonmilzembedded via  

We are already hungry for some sushi, aren't you? Whether you want to experience a full dine-in experience with Sus Hi or just grab and go, this place is an absolute must try!

Their newest location recently opened at 1830 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803. However, they do have a few other locations around Florida too! To see which location is the closest to you, you can check out their website here.

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