The night sky is an iconic image of romanticism, the stars having witnessed countless first kisses, held desperate wishes, and united far-away lovers under its inky blackness with twinkling inklings of hope. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a starry skyscape, and now, you can gift a piece of that celestial dream to your one and only love. At the Orlando Science Center, you can actually adopt a star and gift it to someone special — which can totally include yourself.

Not only is this gift super unique, but it also fuels a good cause.

The Adopt-A-Star Program is just one of the many ways you can donate to the Orlando Science Center so that they can continue to offer awesome programs that impact our community.

When you adopt a star in this program, you can do so in a loved one’s name (or your own, because why not?), or to honor a special event.

Each star in the program is considered a “bright” star, and all are visible from the Science Center’s observatory throughout the year.

For the uber astronomy geeks out there, you can choose from several different types of stars and packages, as well. A Level Polaris includes a magnitude 3 star and information about it for $100.

There’s also a Level Betelgeuse for $250 which includes a magnitude 2 star, and four adult passes to the Science Center to visit the observatory.

The Level Sirius includes a magnitude 1 star and a one-year family membership to the Science Center for $500.

All the stars available for adoption have a magnitude of 1, 2, or 3, and can usually be viewed by the naked eye.

The adoption brochure, which interested adopters can download from the site, mentions that the stars have both "common" and "proper" names based on their age and type.

So while NASA probably won't be calling the star by whatever you decide to name it, it's still super special and unique.

When you adopt your star, you’ll receive a certification containing all kinds of info about it, including its IAU, the star’s official International Astronomical Union designation.

The adoption period lasts for a year, and you can keep renewing for as long as you like. It's the perfect excuse to go stargazing, and immortalize your love in the sky!

Adopt A Star

Price: $100 - $500

Why You Need To Buy One: If you're racking your brain for a truly unique gift for your loved one, there's nothing more special than an actual star!

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