Florida has tons of places that serve amazing food but for a foodie, the presentation counts as much as the taste. Good news: there is a cafe in Orlando that serves the most Instagrammable desserts ever and is a must-visit for every foodie.

Ice & Bites Café is a bubble tea store in Orlando that serves bubble tea, desserts, phenomenal Taiyakis with ice cream, and even macarons. Floridians have been taking over Instagram's feed with these creative and decorative desserts. You will have a delight in every bite when you visit this place.

Their menu includes a long list of bubble teas, unique creations such as Mt. Fuji pina colada, Thaiphoon, Taro Berry Crunch, and bites like chicken dumplings, tofu bites, and pork egg rolls. 

But their most requested dessert is probably the Taiyaki, which is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. Check it out below:

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This dessert shop is also known for its popular blue cotton candy cloud affogato. If you're trying to upgrade your Instagram food account, this place will give you what you need. Also, this place will make you re-think your hamburger options when you try the Katzu chicken which is basically a rice bun sandwich. 

@icenbitesembedded via  

Ice & Bites Café also has a unique corner for the coolest photos and Insta posts. 

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The shop is located at 3402 Technological Ave #220, Orlando, FL 32817.

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