If you’ve ever watched a crime show, you’ve probably found scientific and medical jargon going in one ear and out the other while you wait to find out who committed the murder. Listening to doctors and analysts monologue their way through twenty minutes of the show can feel like listening to another language.

Just in time for Halloween, the Museum of Osteology is taking that confusion and turning into a night of bone-chilling fun (sorry not sorry for that pun) with Halloween Forensic Night.

Skulls Unlimited International Inc. founded Skeletons: Museum of Osteology in Orlando just a few years ago on International Drive, one of the city’s pulsing tourist hubs.

With over 40 exhibits, it features over 500 real animal skeletons, all donated from zoos, aquariums, and state parks.

On forensic night, you can expand your knowledge of anatomy (for crime show-watching purposes, of course) during a 90-minute hands on experience.

While examining replicas of real human skulls, you’ll learn to read features like age, sex, physical trauma, and illness, and decide whether the person perished from an accident or a murder.

Guides will teach you the skills used by law enforcement, doctors, and anthropologists, but you and your team must decipher what happened yourselves. And while the skulls are replicas, the cases you’ll be going through are real trauma cases.

The event ticket includes the 90-minute forensic activity, all day museum admission, free scavenger hunts, an informal Q&A with the curators, and Halloween sweets and treats. Costumes are highly recommended!

Halloween Forensic Night

Price: $26

When: Saturday, October 26th

Address: 8441 International Dr, Ste 250 Orlando, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To expand your knowledge, play with bones, and study real crime cases!

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