People flock to Orlando from all over the world to experience The Happiest Place on Earth during the most wonderful time of year. Christmas at the park is huge, and it's also the perfect time and place to get all your Disney gift holiday shopping done in one go. Here's a list of some of our favorite must-have holiday gifts you can get at Disney World this year!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Crocs

Price: $54.99

Why You Need To Buy It: Don't knock them until you try them! These super soft crocs are adorable and comfortable enough to trek through the parks with!

Minnie Mouse Peppermint Candy Ears

Price: $29.99

Why You Need To Buy It: Nothing screams Christmas like holiday Minnie ears, and you can get all kinds of adorable patterns and colors!

Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket

Price: $25 

Why You Need To Buy It: The perfect holiday popcorn bucket doesn't exist--nevermind. Fill this festive bucket with your favorite treat and binge your favorite holiday classics!

Princess Bangle Bracelets

Price: $47.99

Why You Need To Go: Available across the park in silver and gold, these are the perfect accessory to any winter outfit.

Stitch Light-Up Holiday Sweater

Price: $49.95

Why You Need To Go: What's better than a holiday Stitch sweater? Why, a light-up holiday Stitch sweater, of course! It's so cute, and fluffy!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Mug

Price: $13.99

Why You Need To Go: Perfect for holding excess amounts of eggnog while you're forced to socialize with your inlaws.

Mickey Mouse Ornament

Price: $19.99

Why You Need To Go: Whether it's your first official tree or your 30th, it's not complete with a Mickey Mouse ornament!

Ever After Holiday Charm Bracelet

Price: $$$

Why You Need To Buy It: Add a little sparkle beneath your tree this year with this exclusive Disney Christmas charm bracelet by Pandora.

There are so many amazing ways to spend the holidays at the parks this year, and you can check out all the wintertime activities Disney has to offer in this list, and if you're heading to Universal, check out their holiday activities too!

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