'Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes and hot beverages, and undoubtedly you're going to be craving a hot caffeine-infused drink to pick you up on these chilly autumn days.

Whether you drink it black or you like a little coffee with your sugar, I get it, you're a creature of habit — always ordering your favorite drink from the same place because you know they make it right, most of the time.

Well, here's your early New Year's resolution; put down the Starbucks gift card and broaden your horizons. The next time you go out for a coffee run you're going to step out of your comfort zone and try one of these 25 amazing coffee shops in Philly. 

Some of these companies may have more than one location, check the websites for any additional options.

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Black & Brew

Where: 1523 E Passyunk Ave

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Good food, good coffee, and an Instagram worthy outdoor seating area - what more can you ask for? Black & Brew features a variety of vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes as well as an abundance of baked goods, drinks options, and daily specials. 


La Colombe

Where: 130 S 19th St

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Coffee Lover? Draft lover? Both? Well then, we have the perfect place for you. La Colombe introduced some revolutionary cold-brew latte drafts to the world — and coffee lovers are going crazy for them (especially the limited time pumpkin spice brew). The drafts are so popular that you can sign up to a La Colombe subscription and have them delivered straight to your door every month.


W/N W/N Coffee Bar

Where: 931 Spring Garden St.

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You never knew coffee went so well with pizza. At W/N W/N (pronounced "win-win") it's truly a win-win situation, whether you choose to eat your pizza with a coffee-infused cocktail, or you'd rather leave the caffeine for the carb-crashing pick-me-up after, the choice is in your hands. 


Ox Coffee

Where: 616 S 3rd St

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If you enjoy a jazzy atmosphere complete with spinning vinyl records, the Ox Coffee cafe is a must. This adorable coffee shop likes to give back to the community by featuring local vendors, artists, and musicians, and through educational opportunities — so you can feel good about spending your hard earned cash here. 


Herman's Coffee

Where: 1313 S 3rd St

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You never knew how great sitting in a garage drinking a cup of K could be. Now you can. At Herman's Coffee (adorably named after the owner's grandfather) you can chill out on a lawn chair in an old repair shop and admire the surrounding Pennsport neighborhood through the wide open garage doors, just like Grandpa Herman did.


Pilgrim Roasters

Where: 4120 Main St

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Honey sticks, donuts, and of course, caffeine. What I really love about Pilgrim Roasters is that they make their own funky flavors and brews, so on those days when you're craving some Pilgrim coffee but don't feel like going out, you can just reach up into your cupboard and brew your own. 


Elixr Coffee Roasters

Where: 207 S. Sydenham St

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If you want a barista who can take your coffee-related dreams and turn them into a reality, you need to go to Elixr. This coffee shop has earned some serious bragging rights — from taking 2nd place in the United States Barista Championship in 2018 to being featured in Business Insider's 50 Best US Cafes, you can feel confident in Elixr's well-trained baristas. 


Ultimo Coffee

Where: 2149 Catharine St

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Ultimo is a family owned coffee shop with an edgy industrial vibe. What is great about this cafe is that every Friday they host public coffee tastings starting at 11 a.m., at their Bancroft St. location. You won't want to miss the chance to try a variety of their brews, so RSVP to reserve your spot. 



Where: 1528 Frankford Ave

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Suraya is more than just a chic Lebanese cafe, it's also a market and restaurant with bar. Whether you choose to dine inside or out on the patio, you will not be disappointed in the exotic menu options. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to taste their Chai latte made with salep (orchid powder), spices and turmeric, and topped with crushed pistachios and rose petals. 

Grindcore House

Where: 1515 S 4th St

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While the menu and drinks are vegan-friendly, the music is a little more brutal — making the Grindcore House the perfect cafe for all those animal loving metalheads out there. 


Bodhi Coffee

Where: 410 S 2nd St

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If you're looking for an all-around great cafe that serves fantastic coffee, tea, and bakery items with a groovy zen vibe, give Bodhi Coffee a visit. 


Lucky Goat Coffee House

Where: 888 N 26th St

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Lots of things go well in coffee — cream, sugar, bacon, you know, the usual. The Lucky Goat isn't a coffee shop that's afraid to venture outside the norm, after all, they did create this bacon-infused mocha latte that sounds oddly delicious. 


One Shot Cafe

Where: 217 W George St

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Step out of the way, Starbucks in Barnes & Nobles, One Shot Cafe is taking over. This rustic cafe features an upstairs library so you can feel extra sophisticated browsing the bookshelves and sipping your drink. Remember, pinky up! 


Rally Coffee Shop

Where: 701 S 7th St

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Are you an artist with a dream? A businesswoman with a strategy? Or an entrepreneur looking to branch out? Maybe you need to start networking with the like-minded individuals at Rally Coffee — a cafe centered around, well, rallying creative minds together with one thing always in common, caffeine.


Peddler Coffee

Where: 2100 Spring St

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Did someone say coffee delivery? Yes, please! I assume from the photo above you can understand where Peddler's name comes from, and I hear they make a mean brew. This is the kind of biker gang I want to be a part of. Of course, why would you wait for the peddler to come to you when you can just go to their Spring Street location and order up?


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Green Line Cafe

Where: 4239 Baltimore Ave

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Another cafe with many vegan-friendly options, admittedly the Green Line Cafe is a personal favorite because of their adorable frothy art skills. Just look at that adorable pumpkin!


Joe Coffee

Where: 1845 Walnut St

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What I like about Joe Coffee is how interactive the company is with their customers. From the free coffee tastings to the Joe Throwdown, you feel more like an old friend than a customer at Joe's.


Anthony's Italian Coffee House

Where: 903 S 9th St

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So you've met Joe, now I'm going to introduce you to Anthony. This 4th generation family-owned Italian coffeehouse specializes in none other than — you guessed it — Italian inspired food and drink. From the freshly baked cannolis to the brain-freeze inducing gelato, you are going to love pairing one of their Italian desserts with a hot cup of tasty coffee. 


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Function Coffee Labs

Where: 1001 S 10th St

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Coffee + science = Function Coffee Labs. What better place to experiment with new beverages and flavors than at the science-inspired Function Coffee Labs? I'm no scientist but I think the odds are in favor that you're going to love it here. 


Old City Coffee

Where: 51 North 12th St

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If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur you have to try the top-notch coffee from this cafe. Old City Coffee has been producing batches of high-quality Arabica coffee for more than 25 years. I need not say more.


ReAnimator Coffee

Where: 1523 E Susquehanna Ave

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Perfectly fused between hipster and minimalist, the ReAnimator cafe certainly maintains a well-balanced and ever-expanding fan base. If that leaves you confused then my best advice is to just go to the coffee shop and experience it for yourself.


Menagerie Coffee

Where: 18 South 3rd St

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I feel like the wooden decor in Menagerie Coffee is a good representation of what a hobbit's coffee shop would look like — and that's enough reason for me to want to spend my money here. 


Federal Donuts

Where: Several locations

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If you're from Philly, you are probably no stranger to Federal Donuts, but for anyone who is not familiar, this donut and coffee shop is like everything Dunkin' Donuts wish it could be. Basically, Federal Donuts loves Philly, and Philly loves Federal Donuts — I mean, don't even get me started on the crazy delicious donut flavors they are always producing.

If you love a good ol' donut with your coffee, then make it a point to stop at one of their many locations throughout the city.


Greenstreet Coffee

Where: 1101 Spruce St

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This simple coffee shop is the perfect place to just relax and get away from the usual cafe crowds. The managers of Green Street put customer satisfaction as one of the top priorities, so not only will you receive great customer service, you can feel confident in their products too. 


Good Karma Coffee

Where:  331 South 22nd St

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Maybe you can work up your appetite and good karma at the same time? Ok, so maybe it doesn't work that way, but Good Karma Coffee will at least rid you of your evil hunger pangs — and if you are anything like me, being hangry will certainly bring your good karma down. 


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