There is so much to do in Philadelphia, making it easy to overlook some really fun date ideas, and what is really great is that having fun doesn't have to be complicated — or expensive. So look beyond the typical wining and dining date nights and instead consider taking your significant other out for one (or all) of these date ideas you'd never imagine would be such a good time. 

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Harvest your own fruits at Highland Orchards (seasonal)

Where: 1000 Marshallton Thorndale Rd, West Chester

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Peaches, apples, berries, and more! At different times of the year, Highland Orchards has fruits available for harvesting — which is way more fun than going to a grocery store to buy prepackaged produce.


Drink wine and make candles at Wax + Wine

Where: 1034 Pine St

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You never knew candle making could be so much fun. With a choice of containers and over 75 fragrances to choose from, there are nearly endless possibilities for your creation — and the wine, well, let's just say it makes everything even better. 


Try a sensory deprivation floatation tank

Where: 534 E. Girard Avenue

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Forget a couples massage, rejuvenate together in a floatation tank. Filled with warm water and Epsom salts, floatation chambers are becoming a hit as they promise users a relaxing and healing experience; they are often compared to the feeling of being in a mother's womb.


Book a wedding cake tasting

Where: Multiple locations 

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You don't need to be getting married to enjoy tasting some wedding cakes. There are several local bakeries throughout Philadelphia that offer wedding cake tastings, some even for free. Call around and see what you can find.

Play detective for the evening at a dinner murder mystery

Where: 237 South Broad Street

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Put your minds together to crack the case of a cold-blooded murder during a comedic murder mystery dinner hosted by Philly's Dinner Detective. 


Take an R-rated Philadelphia Serial Killer/Cemetery/Ghost Walking Tour (or haunted pub crawl)

Where: Different locations

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If you want something a little dark and mature, consider booking in for a Philadelphia Serial Killer/Cemetery/Ghost Sightseeing Walking Tour, or a haunted pub crawl, and learn all about Philadelphia's macabre history.


Cuddle in a hammock at Spruce Street Harbor Park (seasonal)

Where: 301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

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Simple, but effective. Spruce Street Harbor Park is a great location for hanging out, literally. While there are a lot of things to do in the park, the hammocks are definitely one of the best features, offering a great place to rest, bond, and enjoy the river views.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic district

Where: 5th & Chestnut Streets

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Feel like royalty while you leisurely explore Philly's historic district in a horse-drawn carriage. Choose a ride as little as 20 minutes to as long as an hour.


Eat, drink and be merry at Studio Movie Grill

Where: 53 S 69th St, Upper Darby

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What's better than an evening of Netflix and chilling? An evening at Studio Movie Grill, of course! This isn't your typical theater; you are waited on hand and foot, the menu is full of delicious food and (alcoholic) drink choices, you don't have to worry about cleaning up, and you get to watch a film on a big screen. Need I say more?


Take a Philly Food Tour

Where: (Different locations)

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Forget going out to dinner at the same old restaurant you always go to, taking a Philly Food Tour is much more exciting. Not only will you get to sample foods from several of the best places around Philadelphia, but you will also learn about the history and culture of the city!


Feel like a kid again at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Where: 9490 Blue Grass Rd

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There's no age limit to act like a kid again at Sky Zone. Jump on the trampolines, take on the obstacle course, play dodgeball, and the list goes on because there's so much to do at this epic trampoline park.


Throw some axes at Urban Axes

Where: 2019 E Boston St

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See who really throws like a girl at this BYOB ax throwing spot. This isn't "just for the lads," women love showing off their skills and earning their well-deserved bragging rights. 


Enjoy the scenery and pet some kitties at Longwood Gardens

Where: 1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square 

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Calling all animal lovers! Not only are the gardens tranquil and beautiful, but the best part is that some sweet rescue kitties are employed full time there to help keep the pest population under control. As an added bonus, the cats are quite friendly and enjoy affection.


Sip tea and browse this curiosity shop

Where: 713 North 4th St

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The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop is exactly what it sounds like, a random and whimsical herbal apothecary cafe with an array of trinkets and doodads on display — some for sale even. When you're done browsing the items you can play chess, listen to the live music, or simply drink your tea on their peaceful patio.


Spend an evening at the zoo (seasonal)

Where: 3400 W Girard Ave

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Experience the zoo like never before. The Philadelphia Zoo offers evening events for adults to sip cocktails, dine, and enjoy the company of the zoo's exotic wildlife in an adults-only atmosphere. Oh, and they even have an Oktoberfest coming up!


Get spooked at the Eastern State Penitentiary

Where: 2027 Fairmount Ave

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Hold onto your boo extra tight! Choose between a daytime tour or a nighttime lockdown at the Eastern State Penitentiary; no matter what time you go, you can't help but feel like someone or something is joining in as a third wheel.  


Take some cute couples photos at these locations 

Where: Multiple locations

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Need a cool new profile picture together? Philadelphia is full of awesome places to take couples photographs at, check out a list of places here

Befriend some butterflies at the Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion (seasonal)

Where: 8046 Frankford Ave

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What's more romantic than being surrounded by hundreds of beautiful butterflies? If that sounds like a fun date, then the Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion is a place you must put on your date bucket list!


Order an odd flavor ice cream from Kuriimii

Where: 2353, 1023 Cherry St

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Matcha Green Tea, Black Sesame Swirl, Nutella, Charcoal Vanilla — the list of unusual flavors and toppings go on at Kuriimii. The real question is who will be daring enough to try the Siaricha topping? 


Watch a free outdoor movie (seasonal)

Where: Multiple locations

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Bring a blanket and some snacks for a night as fun as the old drive-ins. Throughout the summer season, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation committee arranges outdoor movie showing at several of the area parks. 


Go skating at the Blue Cross RiverRink

Where: 101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

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Open all year-round, the Blue Cross RiverRink offers a free location for anyone interested in some good ol' fashion skating. Ice skating in the winter, rollerblading in the summer. 

Ride the Ferris Wheel (seasonal)

Where: 101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

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Couples have been enjoying Ferris Wheels together for decades. If you are on a date at the Blue Cross RiverRink you should definitely make it a point to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel and enjoy views of the city and river unlike anywhere else.  

Go vintage-item shopping at Anastacia's Antiques 

Where: 617 Bainbridge St

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So much more than just another local shop; Anastacia's Antiques is full of Victorian-era items including home goods, clothing, jewelry, and more. Despite not being labeled as a museum, people spend hours here looking at all the interesting stuff. What will you be bringing home with you?


Explore the medicinal oddities of Mutter Museum

Where: 19 S 22nd St

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If you can't get enough of the vintage item exploration, you should plan a date at the Mutter Museum. The museum is full of surprising medical items and body parts, including a sample of Einstein's brain! I would like to mention they host a ton of great events (like their Halloween celebration and costume contest) and art exhibits, so if you've already been here then these events may offer a new and exciting twist.


Order a rainbow bagel from Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

Where: 1705 Chestnut St

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Breakfast anyone? Why not bond with your love over a delicious (and colorful) bagel from Chestnut Street Philly Bagel.


Take a coffee class at Green Street Coffee Co.

Where: 1101 Spruce Street

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You've heard of couples cooking classes, but have you heard of coffee classes? Similar to a cooking class, in a coffee class, you will learn how to perfect the art of making delicious coffee drinks. Think about it, you can learn how make your partner their favorite drink, isn't that adorable?


Browse the Reading Terminal Market

Where: 51 N 12th St

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No matter if you and bae are bored on a Saturday evening or Tuesday morning, the Reading Terminal Market is conveniently open and ready to entertain you every day; featuring hours worth of shops, merchants and food vendors.


Take a Hop-On Hop-Off site seeing tour

Where: NE Corner of 5th and Market Streets

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Whether you're visiting for vacation or just looking for something new to do, if you just want a good all around Philadelphia site seeing experience, hop onto one of the really cool double-decker buses or trolleys and spend the day chauffeured from one tourist attraction to another.


Dine on the Delaware River

Where: 401 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

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Spirit Cruises offer a ritzy dining experience on a yacht with unbeatable skyline views. From brunch, lunch, dinner, and holidays, there are several dining options to choose from to fit your busy schedules. 


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