After that crazy hot summer, the best season is on its way! Fall is really a magical time in for us Pennsylvanians.

From an evening at the Pirate's game to dodging the heat at the Carnegie Science Center, you and bae are probably already ready to hit up most of the typical Pittsburgh area to-dos this fall— but what if I told you there are some lesser known places around Pittsburgh you could be taking her to for a date she's bound to never forget?

Whether your girlfriend prefers a puzzling escape room or maybe she's more of a foodie, there's certainly no shortage of options to choose from with these 22 secret places you need to take your SO this fall!

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Content disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. The locations listed below may or may not have changed their regulations in regards to what you can or cannot do on site since the article was last updated. Always consult with local authorities. If you do plan to visit a location, know the risks beforehand and respect the environment.

Seldom Seen Greenway 

Where: 990 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Mt. Washington 

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This location is true to its name, seldom seen and usually very secluded — but when people find out about it, it always becomes a favorite chill spot. The trail itself is short but leads to a small natural beach area along the creek where you can go swimming or just sit and enjoy the sounds of running water and nature around you.

While the creek is a nice place to relax, what gains this trail its notoriety is the harder-to-find abandoned train tracks covered in graffiti. There are no "go this way" signs to find the abandoned railroad, but I will give you a hint, just beyond the parking lot and tunnel entrance you'll see what looks like stairs going up the side of the hill, climb those.

Buttermilk Falls

Where: Route 18 & First Avenue & Homewood Borough, Beaver Falls

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Located about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful underrated waterfalls around. Stroll the short nature trail along the creek to view the bottom of the falls or park at the community lot just a short drive further and watch the waterfall from above. The wet rocks are extremely slippery, so hold on to your boo extra tight!

Handel's Homemade Ice cream

Where: 9020 St. Simon Way 

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Since 1945 the Handel family has been perfecting their ice cream recipes, and it's totally paid off. They're undoubtedly one of the best places for homemade ice cream in the area, so I highly recommend making it a point to stop at this local family owned and operated ice cream shop.


Escape Room Pittsburgh (two locations)

Where: 569 Greenfield Ave. Floor 1 and 145 E 8th Ave. Homestead 

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Nothing will make or break your relationship quite like an Escape Room — I mean seriously, you're locked in a room together trying to prove how smart you are. Luckily it's only a game and always makes for a good laugh. With two convenient locations and several different themes to choose from, the Escape Room Pittsburgh can be something that you and your lady do together to get in some healthy competition. 


The Pittsburgh Rennaissance Festival

Where: Exit 51A (old 24A) Rt. 31, West Newton 

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Whether you consider your woman a fair maiden or wench, this is your chance to be her true knight in shining armor — or maybe you prefer to be a swashbuckler. Whatever suits your fancy, this is the place to cosplay all of your medieval fantasies together.

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival's doors officially open starting in mid-August and run every weekend through September. With medieval costumes, weapons, music, and entertainment this exciting Renaissance festival is sure to capture any peasant's heart. 


Fiori's Pizzaria 

Where: 103 Capital Ave 

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Who doesn't love pizza? And who doesn't love extra cheese on their pizza? If pizza tasting is on your list of things-to-do, Fiori's Pizzaria is a must. This pizza joint is known for their generously-cheesy pizzas; so grab a slice and enjoy their sit-in-dining room or take it home for an evening of Netflix and chill.

Expand your horizons and don't just stop at their pizza. They make some killer hoagies, wings, pasta and salads you should totally try too.


Bryant Road Swimming Hole

Where: Bryant Road, Allison Park 

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If you follow the train tracks south on Bryant Road you will come to an open unpaved area across the train tracks to park your car. This secluded area is used as a fishing spot and swimming hole by the few locals who know about it, but if you're feeling overly adventurous, the train tracks can be followed for miles — just watch out for trains. 

This is the perfect place to be if you want some privacy. 

Shakespeare's Pub

Where: 1495 Mercer Rd, Ellwood City 

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Feel like royalty when you eat at this modern-day castle. Charmingly named Shakespeare's Restaurant and Pub, this several-million-dollar eatery is situated in the countryside outside of a quaint town just north of Pittsburgh. And to answer your question. Yes, it's just as fancy on the inside.


Schenley Park Bridge

Where: Schenley Drive

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Lock your love in place at Oakland's Schenley Park Bridge, also named the "Lock Bridge." Couples have been going here for years to romantically place a lock on the bridge's chain-link barrier; often the locks are inscribed with the couple's initials to signify their unbreakable love. 

West End Overlook

Where: 599 Fairview Rd, at the end of Fairview Ave. and also Marlow at Rue Grande

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Move out of the way Mt. Washington observation point, the West End Overlook is taking over. The West End Overlook has one of the most spectacular views of the City you will find. The breathtaking view makes it a perfect place to take some #travelselfies together.

Living Treasures Animal Park (two locations)

Where: 288 PA-711, Jones Mills  and 268 Fox Rd, New Castle

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When your girlfriend has puppy-fever the only way to satisfy her urge without buying a puppy is to bring her here. Living Treasures Animal Park offers visitors an up-close encounter with many of their animals, several of which can be hand fed, pet, and talked baby-talk to. The park is open for events throughout the year, however, fall is one of the best times of the year to visit since a lot of the animals are more active.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can't pet the big cats.


Sahli Nature Park

Where: 194 McKinley Rd, Beaver Falls 

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This adorable 90-acre nature park is literally known as Beaver County's secret garden. This land was donated to the local government in 2010 to be preserved as a pristine forest. It was then converted into a conservation and education area, officially opening to the public as a nature reserve in 2012. 

This is a must-see for any nature lover, and what makes it even more exciting is how close it is to Buttermilk Falls — so why not make a day trip out of these two places and kill two birds with one stone (not literally of course).


Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises 

Where: #2 23rd Street 

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Set sail on a Pittsburgh Luxury Cruise. This company hosts many different themed cruises in the 'Burgh including a limited time haunted cruise, beer and wine tasting cruises, and even a cleverly named Sailgating party cruise. Everything is better when it's on a boat, so don't miss out on one of these cruises before the season is over!


Volant Mills Village

Where: Volant, Lawrence County 

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This predominately Amish village offers a unique and oddly romantic experience for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Amish's simple way of life. You will witness many Amish horse-drawn buggies roll by while you tour the shops, and if you head further away from the commercial portion of the town you may be lucky enough to see some of the tiny Amish schoolhouses and their extraordinary farms.

Most of the town's shops are full of Amish crafted goods, and you can't miss out on trying a locally famous Amish donut. You can rest your feet by the creek while taking in the country scenery and smells. Additionally, every year the store owners get together to hosts a wizardly Harry Potter themed festival that draws thousands of tourists to the town. 

Note: remember to be respectful of the Amish and avoid taking photos of their faces as they believe it traps their soul!


The Cathedral of Learning

Where: 4200 Fifth Ave, Oakland

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If you're familiar with Pittsburgh then you've probably driven by the Cathedral of Learning hundreds of times, but you may not have known that it's open to the public. If you're not scared off by the suspiciously rickety elevators, it's no surprise that the 500+ ft high building has a magnificent view of Oakland and the surrounding areas. Not to mention it also holds the record for being the second tallest university building in the world! Pretty cool, right?


Where: 1501 Arch St 

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One word: colors. 

If the first thing you do when you get here is to ask yourself, "what is going on?" then you're totally normal! Randyland is the home of artist, Randy Gilson, which doubles as a whimsical art museum that surprisingly not many people know about. This must-see location is sure to woo the hearts of any art-loving women.  

As an added bonus there are several great restaurants within walking distance of Randyland, so don't worry about packing lunch!


The Parador Inn

Where: 939 Western Avenue

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The Parador Inn is perhaps one of Pittsburgh's best-kept secrets. Not that it's really a secret, but for some reason, not many people know of this place. Located in Pittsburgh's North Shore region, this dreamy bed and breakfast will be sure to bring the beach closer to home with its tropical Caribbean-inspired decor - and it even has a "beach." Check out this stunning photo gallery of the Inn here


The Fallingwater House

Where: 1491 Mill Run Rd, Mill Run

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Skip this location if you don't want to disappoint your GF when she asks you to buy her a home this sweet. Although not exactly a secret, a lot of people don't know that one of America's most famous houses is right here in Pittsburgh. Appropriately named, Fallingwater's unique architectural structure is built on top of an active flowing waterfall. Although constructed in the late1930's, the home continues to aw tourists to this day; plus it makes a pretty cool Instagram post.


Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh

Where: 2705 South Water St.

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Get an authentic taste of Germany at the Pittsburgh Hofbräuhaus restaurant. From the large variety of in-house brewed beers to the beer infused dipping sauces, this restaurant will surely not disappoint the beer loving girlfriends out there. What makes this restaurant even more interesting is that it's modeled after the legendary 400+ year-old Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. 


Bicycle Heaven

Where: 1800 Preble & Columbus Ave

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This is where bicycles go to die. Kind of. Bicycle Heaven is the world's largest bicycle museum (cue wondering how many other bicycle museums exist in the world). Don't let that November rain ruin your chance for a date, view over 4,000 bicycles in one air conditioned, dry location. What makes this free museum even better is that it doubles as a bike shop, so if you see a steel horse you absolutely cannot live without, for the right price you and your love can walk away from Bicycle Heaven as the proud new owners of an adopted bike. 


Soergel Orchards

Where: 2573 Brandt School Rd, Wexford

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Go wild picking fresh produce at the Soergel Orchard. Afterwards, you two can hit up their farm-fresh cafe to grab bite to eat. And don't forget to save room for dessert from their bakery! Oh, and it wouldn't be a proper date if you didn't pop over to their garden center to buy the love of your life some flowers.


Simmons Farm

Where: 170 Simmons Rd, McMurray 

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If you're looking for a cute fall adventure to go on with S/O this season you definitely need to visit Simmons Farm. They have hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin patch picking and even flower picking in summer and slightly into fall! It's one of the cutest fall spots around so you should definitely give it a vist. 


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