If you are ready for a unique "tree-at," this short road trip will take you to a truly wild spot. The Tree Of Utah sits on a barren stretch of land and towers 87 feet into the sky. This art installation is a strange juxtaposition to the white salt flats it inhabits and creates a seriously special photo op.

The Tree Of Utah is located on the Bonneville Salt Flats, a vast stretch of land that looks like something from a Sci-Fi film.

You can explore the flats, then check out the tree, which is made up of a mixture of elements including 2,000 tiles and native rocks and minerals of the state.

The sculpture is free to visit and towers over the barren landscape like some strange item left behind by an alien race.

It was created by a Swedish artist named Karl Momen, and it took several years to complete. He began the project in 1982 and finished it in 1986.

The statue is a unique and strange ode to the quiet desert lands of the state and is matched in its odd architecture only by the giant Spiral Jetty that sits in the Great Salt Lake.

It sits on the north end of I-80 and is a 95-mile drive from the city to the west.

Surrounding the tree, there are strange figures and installations that you can snap some seriously cool photos on.

You can also spend time snapping more pictures on the flats themselves, which stretch for miles in either direction and look amazing after a heavy rain thanks to the water that sits on top of the salt.

This destination is sure to inspire your imagination and create incredible memories.

The Tree Of Utah

Price: Free

Coordinates: Latitude: 40.73322° N, Longitude: -113.55086° E 

Why You Need To Go: This unusual sculpture stands in the middle of the stunning salt flats and creates a whimsical setting.


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