Over the past several weeks, many businesses have had to alter the way they support their customers by providing a way that includes the least amount of social interaction possible. For some, this has served as a difficult task, while others have taken this opportunity to make the most of the predicament our world is in. EVO Entertainment, a popular movie theater chain in Central Texas, is converting to a drive-in theater for the foreseeable future and offering services such as mobile ordering and contactless delivery to your car!

EVO Entertainment took to their social media accounts this weekend to announce that their temporarily closed venues will soon be converted into drive-ins for those who are itching to leave their homes to enjoy.

Drive-in theaters allow moviegoers to enjoy their favorite screenings from their cars, and due to the coronavirus, this is an ideal situation for everyone.

For those worried about having to leave their cars for food or drink, mobile ordering and contactless delivery will save you from doing just that.

Their full menu will be available to be ordered from which is great news seeing as how they have a wide variety to choose from.

A break from cooking for yourself is needed in these times, and soon you'll be able to get one!

Folks, we haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

Admission for the drive-in will be FREE! That's right, all you'll have to worry about is paying for your food, and even that's not required.

This is the perfect way to avoid cabin fever and spending any unnecessary money.

Once open again, their restrooms will be available for use inside one of the theater's venues, though only 10 people at a time will be allowed inside.

Exact dates and screenings for the drive-in's grand opening will be announced soon, so we recommend keeping an eye on their social and website to be the first to know!

EVO Drive-in

Price: Free admission

When: Friday, March 27 for their Schertz location

Address: Several locations will be offering the drive-in.

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to enjoy free movies at your favorite Texas theater without having to leave your car.

*This article has been updated.
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