Krampus has a way of bringing both spooks and holiday cheer with him, in a way no one else can. Luckily, if you've been nice this year you have nothing to worry about and can fully bask in the holiday cheer side of things. Though we know not everyone can. You're invited this fall to a festival in San Antonio where Krampus could be at any turn, waiting to decide your fate. 

On Saturday, November 9, Krampus Fest is taking over Wonderland of the Americas from 10:40 a.m. until 6:40 a.m. Suspiciously specific, we know. This iconic festival is a reminder that no one is safe from the naughty list, and therefore Krampus' wrath. While we may have been told the only repercussion for being naughty is getting coal for Christmas, Krampus has something much more terrifying in store for us this year.

Krampus Fest will have not only have free admission but free parking as well! In San Antonio, there's almost nothing we're more grateful for than free parking. They'll also have a Krampus costume contest, tons of entertainment, holiday shopping, and more. Getting your Christmas shopping out of the way while being surrounded by different versions of Krampus isn't something made of nightmares at all. (Cue the nervous laughter.)

For those who live in San Antonio, you're having quite an exciting year. For those who don't, don't be afraid to make the drive! Festivals galore are taking place this fall, all with different themes. Krampus Fest is unique in that it'll bring those who love both Christmas and Halloween together, which isn't always an easy combination. We can't wait for November to finally be here!

Krampus Fest

Price: Free!

When: Saturday, November 9

Address: Fredericksburg Rd. & Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas 78201

Why you need to go: Krampus really is the best of both worlds, and this fest is the perfect opportunity to get in the Christmas and Halloween spirit.


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