The world is such a magical place, people tend to forget there's more to it than just what's on the surface. Luckily there are places all around us that we're able to explore that take us deeper into the ground than we'd ever think possible. One of these places is Natural Bridge Caverns, home to miles and miles of cavern systems that have been here longer than you've been alive! And just recently, according to KSAT, they've made their biggest discovery in more than 50 years.

Explorers made their way through undiscovered tunnels right above what is known as the "Dome Pit," which is somewhere no other person has ever been, ever! Even when you think you've been everywhere, the world shows you that's just not true. Not only is Natural Bridge Caverns home to hidden beauties, it's home to an array of dangerously fun activities for you and all your friends.

Natural Bridge Caverns is open everyday of the week with varrying hours depending on the time of year. They have not one, but two cavern systems for you to explore with a friendly tour guide leading the way. The Discovery Passages are great for big groups, and the Hidden Passages are a bit more of a hike if you're feeling adventurous. Whichever you choose, you'll be amazed by the beauty all around you. 

After your tour, you can visit the Canopy Challenge and zipline 50 feet high, or traverse through an obstacle course in midair, or both! There's something for absolutely everyone at this amazing tourist destination. But it's not just for tourists, people near and far from San Antonio typically make several visits in their lifetime, and now it's time for you to make yours. Rain or shine, Natural Bridge Caverns is open year-round to give you the time of your life.

For prices and information on what to expect when you arrive, you can visit their website here. Natural Bridge Caverns is located at 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266. That's right, there's a whole road named after it.

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