If you're from the San Antonio area, then you should be no stranger to Natural Bridge Caverns by now. And while many have ventured through their numerous cavern passages or soared through the sky on their massive zipline and obstacle course, few know of their greatest gem of all... literally. NBC's Discovery Village Mining Co. lets you "mine" for gems, minerals, fossils in San Antonio all in one go.

There's no place more fitting to discover your own gems, minerals and fossils than at an actual cavern system. Discovery Village Mining Co. is one of the surface attractions at Natural Bridge Caverns, and it should be at the top of everyone's to-do list when visiting the popular tourist spot.

Discovery Village Mining Co. is hard to miss, but if you have any trouble finding it, just look for their adorable Trading Post and consider yourself at the end of the rainbow.

The Mother Lode, Emerald Strike, Lucky Strike, Pay Dirt, Arrowhead Find, and Fossil Dig are all the names of the bags you can purchase to begin sluicing. They range from $8.99 to $29.99 in price, depending on how big the bags are and what kind of cool gem content is inside.

The bags are all filled with gem-filled dirt and hidden treasures that you have to sift out in trays and water, located right outside of the Trading Post. Once you see sparkles, you'll quickly take the trays out of the water and put whatever beautiful gems you've uncovered in a bag to take home with you.

Voila, you're officially a miner!

Natural Bridge Caverns is open all day every day, and their hours vary slightly depending on the day of the week and time of year it is.

You don't have to pay any sort of admission fee to experience the Discovery Village Mining Co., all you have to pay for is your bag of gems, minerals or fossils! Though, we wouldn't blame you for wanting a cave tour or trip through the sky while you're there.

Discovery Village Mining Co.

Price: $8.99 - $29.99

When: Year-round

Address: 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266

Why You Need To Go: So that you can leave with gems, minerals, and fossils to decorate your space with.

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