Having an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you still have beef with is the worst, especially around Valentine's Day. Finally, there's a way to squash any hard feelings towards an ex in the most creative way possible. This Valentine's Day, the San Antonio Zoo is allowing you to name a cockroach or rat after your ex to be fed to a bird or snake.

Cry Me A Cockroach is the first-ever San Antonio Zoo event of its kind.

This one-day event allows those who have been wronged by an ex to get rid of their anger and pain once and for all.

And if you've used "roach" or "rat" to describe someone who's done you wrong, you're not alone. Now, those harsh nicknames have a more real meaning than ever before.

Whichever creepy crawly you choose to buy and name after your past lover, you won't be disappointed with what comes next.

On the San Antonio zoo's website, you'll be able to purchase a cockroach for $5 or a rat for $25.

There's quite the price difference between the two, but it's all about which one describes that pesky ex of your's better.

After you've made your purchase, you'll then be able to name it after the person who deserves it most.

Once you've done that, you'll receive a certificate that's shareable to all forms of social media. If you're up to share with your friends, that is.

Afterward, it's mealtime!

All of the bugs will be fed to birds, and the rodents will be fed to snakes.

If you're unable to witness all of the satisfying crunches live and in person, the zoo will be streaming the feast on their Facebook Live.

Check out their Facebook page for any and all updates on this hilarious event.

Finally, a way to get back at your ex without having to deal with any confrontation. It's way more satisfying this way, and not just for the birds and snakes.

Cry Me A Cockroach

Price: $5 - $25

When: Friday, February 14 

Address: 3903 N. St Mary's St., San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you're feeling down about someone this Valentine's Day, feeding them to an animal in rat or bug form is the perfect way to get them off your mind.

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