Every time the Spring season rolls around, we all get excited to spend a day among the gorgeous blooming May flowers. And as wonderful as it is to lay out in a field of Bluebonnets, sometimes we San Antonians just want to frolic in a field of exotic flowers like Dallasites get to do every year at the giant tulip field in Pilot Point. Well fortunately for us down in Central Texas, Texas Tulips is opening a brand new tulip field near San Antonio in La Vernia, Texas, to be opened Spring 2020!

If you have ever wanted to experience the most incredible Springtime day of picking your own, fresh bouquet as you explore through hundreds of thousands of colorful tulips, now you totally can. Texas Tulips produces fields of the most exquisite and beautiful flowers of all different colors for their visitors to pick their own bouquet from. You will never get tired of the long aisles of tulips or the lovely smell of all the flowers around you.

At their original location, Texas Tulips provide adorable picking baskets for each visiting guest to carry their freshly picked flowers in. After personalizing your very own bouquet of tulips, they will be wrapped up and you can take them home to admire for weeks afterward.

Each tulip you pick is only $2.50 at their Pilot Point location, so the San Antonio location is most likely going to be the same. There is also a $5 entrance fee to get into the stunning tulip fields.

You honestly won't be able to find a more beautiful spot in San Antonio to spend your time at this upcoming spring, so you better head on out to Texas Tulips once they officially open in La Vernia!

Texas Tulips 

Price: 💸

Address: 15122 FM 775, La Vernia, TX 78121

Why You Need To Go: Texas Tulips is opening a brand new gigantic field of colorful tulips where you can pick your own fresh bouquet! 

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