When you see something that was once of use going to waste, what's the first thought that crosses your mind? In the case of an abandoned Wal-Mart in McAllen, Texas, a few brave souls decided that rather than it wasting away, they'd transform it into a massive library! What was once a Wal-Mart now stands as a Texas public library in McAllen. 

McAllen Public Library is 123,000 square feet, the country's largest single-story library, and they have an unsuccessful Wal-Mart to thank for that.

In late 2011, the project became a success and McAllen Public Library opened its doors to any and all who wanted a look at their book collection.

As you can imagine, the library has an endless amount of books to check out and take home to have a lazy day at home.

The McAllen Public Library is just a few hours away from San Antonio and makes for the perfect day trip for all book lovers.

While there, you can study, work, read, and enjoy the stylish scenery the library has to offer. 

It's not a normal library, it's a cool library.

If the goal of McAllen Public Library was to get people reading and interested in books, then they were successful.

McAllen isn't the only place in Texas with a cool library, Austin has one of its own that's pretty neat.

Cookbook Bar & Cafe lies within the award-winning Austin Public Library, where you can drink coffee and booze, and enjoy a menu that's based on classic novels!

Still, it's no repurposed Wal-Mart.

The next time you're driving through McAllen or looking for something fun to do all day long, be sure to stop by!

McAllen Public Library

Address: 4001 N 23rd St, McAllen, TX

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy the country's largest single-story public library in the world, and leave with a few of your favorite books!

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