We're pretty limited in our options when it comes to seeing what's beyond our skies. Unless you own a high tech telescope or somehow picked up a career as an astronaut, the chances of getting close to space are slim to none. Or at least, they used to be. San Antonio is home to the massive Scobee Planetarium, where nothing is as impossible as we once thought it was.

Scobee Planetarium is open to the public at 6 PM on Friday evenings. It's located at San Antonio Community College, so in order to have the most parking available for guests, they've opened the planetarium to the public when most students aren't on campus. Genius! There's different programs offered at different points in the night, making it easy to find something you'll enjoy no matter when you visit.

The programs start at 6:30 PM with Little Star That Could, and end with Secrets of the Sun and Tales of the Maya Skies at 9 PM. Tickets for each program go on sale 30 minutes before the show starts, so there's not much planning ahead required. The programs begin with all ages welcome, and slowly start becoming for more mature audiences throughout the night. You'll see the kids start to leave at about 8 PM, and that's when the real fun begins. 

After the last two shows are over, the Scanlan Observatory telescope will be available for use! That's right, you'll get the chance to use a massive telescope to look into the sky and see what very few people get the chance to see. For adults, tickets are only $5 for the night, and go down in price depending on if you're a student or child. What an inexpensive way to spend such a wonderful night. 

Scobee Planetarium

Price: πŸ’Έ

Address: 1819 N. Main Ave.

Why you need to go: This is a rare opportunity to peer into a telescope and feel like you're inches away from stars and other planets! You'll be able to learn about space through the different programs offered, and it's all only $5!


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