We all have that moment when we dream about getting away from it all. Now you can do that without going too far from home at this gorgeous hidden lodge in Texas. The incredible Indian Lodge is located in Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, Texas. 

The lodge is quite literally in the middle of nowhere with only miles and miles of greenery surrounding it. The lodge has been there since the 1930s and underwent major reconstruction on its adobe walls in 1967 which also added more rooms and amenities. The original hand-carved cedar furniture of the place is still there now for new visitors to marvel at and enjoy.

The hotel has 39 bedrooms and a meeting room so you can relax all day or be able to focus even while you're away from the city. The iconic warm Texas weather is coming up and Texas heat is no joke. Luckily, the lodge has a refreshing pool overlooking a gorgeous mountain view. Because Davis Mountains State Park is free entry for everyone, you can always leave the lodge and head straight out on a quick hike.

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At this hotel, you will be far enough away from the city to relax and take a quick trip down to the Mcdonald Observatory for some sun star gazing or even visit the town of Marfa's many interesting attractions. 

The Davis Mountains State Park itself has a number of programs for visitors to enjoy including an Interpretive Center, a local history walk and an indoor wildlife watering station. 

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Prices to stay at the lodge start at $115 and work their way up to $170 which is for the executive suite that sleeps six people at a time. Gather up your friends and family for the coolest vacation in the mountains and at a very reasonable price!

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to stay at the historic hotel but you do get A/C for the hot Texas weather, access to the pool, on site food, and cable TV. 

For more information on Indian Lodge and to book your stay, you can visit their website here. 

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