Now you can swim like the Little Mermaid and have an aquatic adventure like no other. Beach Ventures has the coolest jet ski snorkel tour where you can explore coral reefs and wildlife. You can now join the SEABOB tour on Groupon with a $95 per person deal.

If you are new to SEABOB, this is an electric watercraft that allows you to snorkel and dive in a safe way. Instead of wearing fins and doing strenuous work, let the SEABOB take you under the sea.

This water sport adventure will give you an up-close experience with sea creatures while gliding through the water. Besides being a one-of-a-kind experience, this SEABOB rental is the first of its kind in Florida.

You can book the tour on Airbnb Experiences for $139 per person or get a Groupon deal for $95 here for a one hour experience. The deal includes equipment and a snorkel mask for each guest. The best thing about this water vehicle is that you can snorkel and glide at the same time. The SEABOB is electric and the battery lasts about 90 minutes.

This is a faster and safer way to dive than snorkeling and it allows you to explore the seafloor at ease. If you are lucky enough you will see manatees, dolphins, and nurse sharks.

Landon G. - a Groupon reviewer mentions "One of the best adventures I’ve been on. It’s like a mix of snorkeling and jet skiing. Rene was very professional and made it clear our safety was his #1 priority. Highly recommend this, you’ll have a blast!"

Beach Ventures

Where: Lauderdale Beach

Price: 💸💸

Why you need to go: This SEABOB is the safest, newest way to snorkel and the first rental venue in the United States.


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