There is a place in Florida unknown to many, where wolves and humans connect in nature. If you always dreamed of becoming part of the wolf pack this is your chance. The Seacrest Wolf Preserve is a place where you can experience wildlife such as wolves, foxes, and other wild animals.

This large natural habitat is home to Gray, Arctic and British Columbian wolves, foxes, raccoons, a coyote, and other animals. Visitors have the opportunity to meet the wildlife and have an up-close encounter and play with the foxes. All tours need to be reserved in anticipation including Saturday tours, VIP tours, field trips, and group tours.

Currently, the preserve has several foxes which guests can interact with. They have Miko which is a small male gray fox, Sky an Arctic and red fox mix, and Onyx a silver fox who used to live with an FSU student. 

The small animal adventure is $35 per person and visitors can pay it when they arrive at the location. Also, guests can have a photo opportunity with the wolves for $35. All these wild animal are super friendly and they will make your heart melt. 

You can also feed raccoons at the preserve and meet Pecos the coyote. No matter which package you decide to choose, this will be an experience of a lifetime. This is the best weekend experience to gift your significant other.

The preserve also offers camping opportunities where you can hear the wolves howling at the moon while stargazing. The camping fee is $25 for primitive camping in tents and $35 for RVs with no electrical hookup per night. You can visit their website here for additional information. 

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Address: 3449 Bonnett Pond Rd, Chipley, FL 32428

Price: starting at $35 

Why you need to go: You can get up-close and personal with foxes in this natural habitat.


We strongly advise that before you go visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security and animal rights. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment and the animals.

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