Whether it's snorkeling in blue oceans or standing in a massive underwater jewel box, there's something therapeutic about watching marine life go about their business. If you miss doing that while you're stuck indoors, the Seattle Aquarium has free live cams so you can see those cute Pacific otters and seals swim around from your couch! 

Sitting pretty on Pier 59, the Seattle Aquarium has several exhibits ranging from giant octopuses to a 12-foot ring filled with luminous moon jellies.

There's even an underwater dome filled with fish from Puget Sound that swim right above you and a massive $113M shark tank arriving in 2023.

But one of the favorite areas of the aquatic museum is a glass case filled with otters that buoy around like they have no care in the world. 

With the aquarium shut due to COVID-19 concerns, you can now see them lounge about on live cams here! There are two live streams (different angles) that you can catch them on between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST every day. 

As furry mammals lay on their backs and swim about flapping their arms, you'll think they're actually washing their hands — something that's been recommended to us humans to keep the virus at bay.

The aquarium tweeted about this behavior too. 


Called Adaa, Lootas, Aniak, and Mishka, there are four northern sea otters in the exhibit right now.

Save those awws because you'll sometimes spot Lootas and Aniak holding hands if you're lucky — they happen to be mother and daughter too. 

From being found in fishing nets to airport runways, all of them are rescues. 

Once you've had your fill of the furry creatures' antics, you can slide on to another tab to watch the aquarium's in-house seals here.

Whether you catch Barney, Q and Hogan sunbathing on the edge of the tanks or swimming in the waters, make sure you watch closely as they are easily camouflaged by the grey waters. 

Either way, aren't you thankful for technology right now?

Seattle Aquarium Live Cams

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Catch marine animals like otters and seals therapeutically swimming around without leaving your couch.


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