Seattle is one of the greatest cities in all of the United States because it has so much to offer! You've got the perfect balance of bustling city life, gorgeous coastlines and mountainous landscapes that make it such a well-rounded city to live in. 

If you're currently living in Seattle and you're looking for a fun way to experience your city for cheap, or you're someone who's visiting for the first time and don't want to blow your budget on activities, this list is for you! 

There's no shortage of fun, unique and beautiful activities and places to explore in the city of Seattle! You don't have to break the bank to have a good time and this list will show you how. 

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30. Admire the cherry blossoms in bloom at Washington Park Arboretum

The end of April is the best spot to see the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom. Walk through the park, admire these gorgeous flowers in all their beauty and take a few pictures while you're there. 

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29. Peruse the isles of fresh flowers and vegetables at the Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is a staple in Seattle life. Right now the market is coming alive with the first hints of spring which means tons of fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits to admire and maybe treat yourself to as well! 

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28. Take a sailboat ride at the Centre for Wooden Boats

The Centre of Wooden Boats in Seattle is a great spot to spend a Sunday afternoon. Every Sunday they offer free sail boat rides so you can see the city skyline from the water! 

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27. Admire the art exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is always hosting new and unique exhibits that is perfect for a day of museum hopping. On the first Thursday of every month you can visit this museum for free! 

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26. Explore the Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder

This unique spot on Seattle's waterfront offers a viewing point as salmon migrate through the area in the summer. They've also installed some cool public art pieces to enjoy while you're there. 

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25. Watch a performance at the Seattle Symphony

If you love classical music you definitely have to see a live show by the Seattle Symphony. They offer tons of free concert series throughout the year making it affordable to enjoy these amazing live performances!

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24. Take pictures with the real life fairy tale of the Fremont Troll under the bridge. 

The Fremont Troll is an interactive public statue located under the Aurora Bridge. It will bring the fairy tale of the 'troll under the bridge' to life and you can snap a few good pictures as well.

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23. Wander through the halls full of art at the Frye Art Museum

The Frye Art Museum is full of beautiful exhibits and even the building itself is artistic! At most museums you have to pay to get in but at the Frye Art Museum you can get in free anytime you want.

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22. Explore the weirdest souvenir shop at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop has been open since 1899 in Seattle displaying weird souvenirs like shrunken heads, pigs with 3 tails, 4 legged chickens, and so much more. It's a strange spot but at least it's free!

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21. Spend some time in a green oasis at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

The Volunteer Park Conservatory is a gorgeous green paradise in the heart of the city offering a great escape. You have to pay most days at this hidden oasis but the first Thursday and Saturday of the month is free for everyone!

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20. Wander through the Seattle Center

There's tons to do for free in the Seattle Center, especially once the weather warms up. There's free public artwork, fountains, gardens, museums and so much more!

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19. Snap a picture in front of the Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks came from right here in Seattle at their location in the Pike Place Market. Sure, it's the same coffee as everywhere else but it's still a piece of history and deserves to be appreciated once in a while!

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18. Watch the sunset over the city at Alki Beach Park.

Alki Beach Park is an amazing spot to watch the sunset over the city while enjoying a cozy spot on a sandy beach. There's cool sculptures, hiking trails, breathtaking views and so much more.

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17. Curl up with a coffee and a good book at Elliott Bay Book Company.

The Elliott Bay Book Company is the biggest book store in all of Seattle. It's the perfect place for book lovers to peruse the isles full of amazing books, pick on they're interested in and sit a while in read after grabbing a coffee at their in-house cafe.

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16. Learn all about Seattle's history at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Seattle has a rich history dating back to the 1800s when hundreds of people rushed down to the city in after the promise of gold in the Yukon was projected across the country. Visit the museum that's dedicated to this time in history. 

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15. Browse the local vendors at the Fremont Sunday Market

The Fremont Sunday Market happens every Sunday, all year round, rain or shine! Up to 200 vendors participate selling everything from antiques to vintage clothes to street food! You can browse through the tents of goodies for free or treat yourself to a few things.

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14. Tour the adorable Pacific Bonsai Museum.

Reconnect with nature at the adorable Pacific Bonsai Museum which is home to over 150 bonsai trees from Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US! Admission to the museum is completely donation based so you can visit for nothing if you wish.

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13. Enjoy some free chocolates at Boehm's Candies

Boehm's Candies is an adorable chocolate factory that offers completely free tours of their chocolate-making space. They also treat all their guests to a chocolate treat at the end of their tour!

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12. Go for a sunny stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park located on Seattle's waterfronts is one of the most scenic locations all year round. It becomes even better in the springtime though once all the flowers begin to bloom and the sun comes out again!

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11. Take a tour of the famous Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is a piece of Seattle's rich history as it was built back in in 1928. You can take a free tour of this historic site on the first Saturday of every month just by meeting at the entrance at 10am!

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10. Enjoy a coffee at the hidden waterfall in downtown Seattle. 

A lot of people probably don't know that there's a secluded public park that is home to a secret waterfall in a green oasis in the downtown area! It's called the Waterfall Garden Park and it's the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, your lunch or just to hang out for a while.

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9. Spend some time in the quiet and beauty of the Seattle Public Library.

The Seattle Public Library is probably one of the coolest architectural buildings in the entire city. With massive, geometrically shaped windows, uniquely places bookshelves and indoor gardens it's the perfect place to spend some time in the quiet or take some pictures!

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8. Take in the view of the Seattle skyline at Kerry Park.

Kerry Park is home to the all time best view of the Seattle skyline in the entire city! Head up to the viewpoint at night for views of the sparkling city lights and maybe take a picture or two.

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7. Take a wine tour and tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle

If you love wine than this free experience is exactly what you need. Chateau Ste. Michelle offers free tours of their winery including a complimentary tasting of their delicious wines that doesn't cost extra!

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6. Attend a silent reading event at the Hotel Sorrento

The Hotel Sorrento has a beautiful room that they dedicate to reading, drinks and light snacks! They offer an event all year round where anyone can come, bring their books and read silently in their Fireside Room while enjoying a yummy cocktail. 

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5. Take a walking tour of the Browns Point Lighthouse area. 

Located just outside the Seattle area near Tacoma is this historic lighthouse located on the coastline. It offers stunning views that is perfect for a sunny day of exploring. Surprisingly, this lighthouse was built back in 1887 before Washington was even a state!

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4. Spend a day being artsy at the Seattle Art Walk. 

On the first Thursday of every month you can take place in the first event of it's kind on all of America! Walk from gallery to gallery appreciating all the super talented local artists. 

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3. Walk under the weeping cherry trees at Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is home to these beautiful weeping cherry trees that are in bloom right now! This park is perfect for a sunny spring stroll and there's also tons of sculptures to admire as well.

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2. Visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Centre

Bill and Melinda Gates believe that every person on Earth is equal and deserves equal chance to live a healthy and productive life. Their discovery centre is dedicated to this belief and focuses on how to improve the lives of those that aren't given that privileges that others are. Tours and entrance to their centre is completely free!

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1. Visit the beautiful Jimi Hendrix Memorial

After Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 his father worked hard to move his eternal resting sight to his hometown of Seattle. He created a beautiful memorial for him that the public can come admire and pay their respects at.

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