Disneyland is quite the distance from the Evergreen State. But if you still want to get a taste of a grand ride without having to leave its borders, Seattle's Wings Over Washington is just the adventure you've been looking for. 

Located on Pier 57 of the waterfront, you'd never expect to find a unique, immersive ride like this one nestled between two totem poles.

It might be Seattle's first (and only) flying attraction, but according to the official website, it is the “most state-of-the-art theater” as it uses 5K cameras and awe-inspiring drone footage similar to Soaring Over California at Disneyland's California Adventures

You can buy tickets online or at the booth that sells tokens for the Seattle Great Wheel. Since they are valid any day at any time and don't expire, it's the perfect idea for a surprise date!

Whether you're new to the state and want to make notes on where to go, or you're a passionate Puget Sounder who wants to play tourist, this is the spot for you.

This is also good for photography junkies and unique-thrill seekers. 

As you walk through the doors, a state ranger will tell you what to expect from the 20-minute ride that can seat up to 30 people at a time. 

The best part? Everyone gets a front-row experience because of the way the seats were designed. 

Once on it, you'll have to buckle up as the lights turn on and the floor falls away under you.

Remember to tuck your belongings under the seat, because the horizontal seating will soon flip vertical. 

We won't give away too much of what goes on here, but you'll see spectacular sights of all the great things that people from all over the world go to Washington for.

You might also get misted as a pod of orcas cruise by or get to smell the evergreen firs in this aerial experience.  


Expect a bird's eye of everything from the grand Olympic National Forest and spectacular falls to Amsterdam-esque tulip fields, coasts, and mountain tops.

After you're done, why not go on an epic gastronomic adventure with this food map at Pike Place Market? Either way, it'll be one helluva ride!

Wings Over Washington

Price: $17 per adult 

Address: 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: A "Disney" style amusement ride for under $20 + amazing views of what Washington has to offer. 

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