With the right views, stargazing can be a surreal experience. Make it romantic with your partner, break out the telescope for a study session, or bring your crystals along for some meditation. Whatever you're into, of all the spots to go stargazing in Alabama, Conecuh National Forest immediately comes to mind. It doesn't get much better than here since the sky gets so dark, it's like a blank canvas for the stars to fill for days. Or rather, nights!

This national forest encompasses 84,000 acres across Alabama to the Florida line and is full of diverse ecosystems. With tons of hiking trails and great camping spots, it’s a nature-lovers dream, but nighttime is when this forest truly shines.

According to EarthSky, aspiring stargazers can get quite a show at Conecuh, with views of the Milky Way, and the M33 and M31 galaxies. If you’re lucky, on incredibly clear nights, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the elusive Gegenshein nebulous light and zodiacal band.

For those unfamiliar with astronomy, those names might fly right over your head, just know you’ll get to witness this magical, illuminated sky at Conecuh.

The ultra-dark skies in the forest are due to its remote location and distance from light pollution.

While the horizons do have some light pollution clinging to them, it’s not enough to disturb your view of the stars here.

You can even use this chart by Clear Dark Sky to check the astronomer’s forecast for optimal visibility before visiting.

Go hiking during the day and enjoy the flora and fauna of the forest, but make sure you stick around for some nighttime stargazing with these incredible views of the galaxy.

Conecuh National Forest

Address: Conecuh National Forest, AL

Why You Need To Go: The clearest views of the sky around await you at Conecuh!

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