Have you ever walked across a bridge hanging above a river? If not, you're in luck! There's this huge suspension bridge in Arizona that you can walk across. The hike will be hard but once you cross the bridge, you'll know it was worth it.

The Kaibab Suspension Bridge can be found at the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon. The trail is open year-round and the best time to hike there is October through May. It's not recommended to hike in the summer because of the extreme heat, so plan accordingly.

To reach the trail, you'll need to park your car and take the shuttle to Yaki Point. Parking at the trailhead is not possible due to limited space and popularity, so you'll need to take the park's free shuttle there. Once you reach the trailhead, it's about a 6.5-mile hike to the bridge and 7 miles to Bright Angel Campground. You should plan on bringing lots of water and sunscreen since there is no water or shade along the trail.

The suspension bridge lies 30-feet above the Colorado River and is about 440 feet long! You and your friends can make a weekend trip here and camp overnight for a mini outdoor adventure.

This hike is rated hard according to All Trails, and it's recommended to not make a roundtrip hike in one day. During your hike, you'll be able to see different types of wildlife and enjoy breathtaking views.

When you reach the suspension bridge, you can take a dip in the river to cool off or have a picnic at one of the nearby picnic tables. If you're looking for a grand adventure where you can walk across a suspension bridge, the Grand Canyon has what you're looking for!

Kaibab Suspension Bridge

Price: $20 per person

Location: Grand Canyon, AZ

Why you should go: This part of the park is open year-round and the views along the way are breathtaking. Towards the end of the trail, you'll be able to walk across a huge suspension bridge!


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