You may shudder at the thought of getting up close and personal with a shark, but the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is equally as exciting as it is scary. Swimming with Nurse Sharks and encountering a Great White are two totally different things. Ditch what the media tells you about sharks being super dangerous because you can safely swim with sharks in North Carolina at the Roanoke Island Aquarium.

The North Carolina Aquarium has four locations across the state but Roanoke Island is extra special because you can actually dive and swim with these beautiful creatures.

With all of the Great Whites inching close to the Southeastern shores, you may hesitate a bit at the thought of a shark in your personal space. But the types of sharks you'll be swimming with are totally non-threatening. 

You'll explore open waters in the 285,000-gallon Graveyard of the Atlantic habitat, which is the largest shark collection in North Carolina. Some aquariums allow you to swim with sharks inside the aquarium but the North Carolina Aquarium of Roanoke Island gives you the chance to discover these mystical creatures in their natural habitat.

The visibility is amazing so you'll get a crystal clear view of the sharks (some of which are up to 10 feet long). You'll get to see (and maybe even touch) Sandbar, Nurse and Sand Tiger sharks.

The 2-hour dive program only costs $195 and you can pay an extra $20 to have a professional video tape your entire experience. Feel free to take pictures on your own too. 

You must be an open water certified diver (up to 60 feet) for this experience, but it's seriously so easy to get certified. You can take online courses and just a few training sessions to make this happen. It's totally worth it because you can't miss this chance of a lifetime and it's totally useful for the future.

For more oceanic adventures in the South, you can actually swim with Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, which is opening a massive $100M shark exhibit next year or go freediving with sharks in the open ocean in Florida.


Shark Diving At The North Carolina Aquarium Roanoke Island

Price: $195

Address:374 Airport Road, Manteo, NC 27954

Why You Need To Go: Get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as you swim with tons of sharks in crystal clear open waters.

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