Lights, Camera, Action! We have a list of the best spots in town for your next photoshoot! 

Inspirational quotes, ornately handpainted murals, historic architecture, and gourmet desserts all make for incredible pics that will make your followers swoon.

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Go solo for a glamorous selfie, grab your besties for a group photo, or take a romantic pic with bae. Whichever angle you're looking to capture, we've got your covered! 

Oxford Exchange

Where: 420 W Kennedy Blvd

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Restaurant? Bookstore? Instagram jackpot? Oxford Exchange is all three! This independently owned locale has several spots that are Instagram gold. A collage of world leaders, antique furniture, classic novels, and neon quotes are just a few of the picture-worthy attractions here. Order a cappuccino, sit down with a hardcover, and seek out the best photo op! 


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The Hyppo

Where: 702 S Village Circle (Tampa) & 627 Central Ave (St. Petersburg)

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The Hyppo is so much more than a tasty ice pop shop; It's also a treasure chest of Insta-worthy pics! Both the Tampa location and the St. Petersburg location have multiple colorful backdrops from which to choose for your next IG story. Order a sweet treat (our favorite ice pop flavors are Maraschino Blueberry and Prickly Pear Margarita) and then have a mini-photoshoot with your besties! 


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Vinoy Park

Where: 701 Bay Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg

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A picture of Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg could easily become a postcard. If you want the quintessential Floridian landscape, this is your go-to spot! Swaying palm trees, glistening water, and white sand give you the perfect beach pic. We challenge you to turn upside-down for a goofy photo on the pull-up bars! 


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Ybor City

Where: 1600 E 8th St

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Ybor City is Tampa's most famous neighborhood. It's filled with gorgeous architecture, old cigar factories, and a rich Cuban influence. The food, handpainted murals, and buildings are all candidates for your Insta-story! 


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Ballast Point

Where: 5300 Interbay Blvd

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Whether you go during the day or to watch the sunset, you can't get a bad pic at Ballast Point! With the Tampa skyline viewable across the water, this public park in South Tampa is a must on your IG bucket list. Choose your angle from options along the shoreline, walk out to the end of the pier, or explore the park for handpainted murals. You can even pull out your inner child and take a pic on the splashpad! 


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Hype Park Village

Where: 744 S Village Circle

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Hyde Park Village is one of Tampa's best spots for getting together with friends. It's also a prime spot for taking chic photos! Enjoy Happy Hour at Bartaco or Irish 31, then pull out your camera for a pic at the fountain (Great for both solo and group shots!) The picturesque locales don't stop with the exterior of the village, though. Go into one of the many stores (like my favorite, Anthropologie!) for a plethora of options for your next IG post! 


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The Dali Museum

Where: 1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg

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Want to show how cultured you are in your next Insta pic? Head over to The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete where you can see original work by the famed artist and take pictures with some of his funkiest pieces, like the iconic melted clock. And it's not just the framed pieces of art that are photo worthy - the building's architecture and giant spiral staircase are just as amazing! 


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Lettuce Lake Park

Where: 6920 E Fletcher Ave

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If you want an outdoorsy photo, Lettuce Lake Park should be your next stop! This serene locale is as peaceful and beautiful as they come. From the flora to the water to the wildlife (there's a chance you may see a gator!) Lettuce Lake Park is overflowing with opportunities for your next Insta pic! 


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St. Pete 600 Block

Where: 600 Central Ave, St. Petersburg

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The 600 Block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg is a collective of creative hot spots that have been carefully curated to highlight the artsy side of St. Pete. While the Crislip Arcade was being renovated, all of the tenants of the 600 block came together to create an innovative community that promotes the arts through murals, business, and social events. With shops, restaurants, and street art that is certain to give you a colorful Insta pic, the 600 block is where you need to be!


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Birch & Vine

Where: 340 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg

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Birch & Vine in St. Petersburg has both delicious food and photo-worthy backdrops for your IG! This popular restaurant is the perfect spot if you're looking for an aerial view (and picture!) of Tampa Bay. Frame your shot to include the sailboats in the marina or grab a shot of the St. Pete skyline. This is a fantastic choice if you're in need of a photo with bae or want to snap a pic of your Girls' Night Out! 


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City of Tampa Postcard

Where: 101 Royal St

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Want to promote Tampa while highlighting your artsy side? Venture downtown to Royal Street where you can find the handpainted "City of Tampa" postcard mural. Each letter depicts a notable landmark, such as The Gasparilla Pirate Ship and The University of Tampa. 


All For Love

Where: Corner of N Florida Ave & Royal St

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Want a picture with a gator but don't want to get near a live one? Head across the street from the City of Tampa Postcard Mural for the All For Love Mural, a stunning painting that depicts everything iconic about Florida from our beautiful flora to the exotic wildlife. Share the love by bringing your S/O or best friend for a group photo! 



Where: 2602 S MacDill Ave

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Think that Insta-worthy spots are limited to physical locations? Think again! Food can be just as Insta-worthy, especially when it comes to the sweet creations at Dough in South Tampa. Ice cream cones made from doughnuts, pastries with chicken nuggets, and extravagantly decorated cupcakes are just some of the delicious offerings on Dough's menu. In the mood for something savory? Head next door to Dough's sister restaurant, Datz, for lunch, dinner, and an awesome weekend brunch! And don't forget to check out the Datz sign for a quippy (and Insta-worthy!) quote. If that wasn't enough to draw you over, Dough is also a training and battling gym for Pokemon Go (Gotta catch 'em all!) 


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Gasparilla Pirate Ship Dock

Where: 344 Bayshore Blvd

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Want represents Tampa better than The Gasparilla Pirate Ship? Here in Tampa, we love to show our pirate pride, and we shouldn't be limited to just the Gasparilla festival. You can explore The Gaspiralla Pirate Ship year-round at its dock on Bayshore Boulevard. Put on your best pirate garb to make this an extra themed Insta pic! 


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Station House

Where: 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg

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What is more inspirational than the hardwork of entrepreneurs and the innovation of startups? Station House in St. Petersburg is the area's hottest workspace, and it's filled with picturesque decor that are Insta-ready! Find one of the neon quotes, lounge in a comfy leather chair, or take a rooftop yoga class for a pose-worthy pic! 


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Restoration Hardware

Where: 2223 N Westshore Blvd

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Restoration Hardware in Tampa is so much more than a store to fill your interior design craving. It's also a hotspot for Insta-worthy pictures! Statues, curated dining sets, and a collection of glistening chandeliers are all ready for your next social media post. Ask anyone in town for a recommendation of the best photo-worthy spots in town and they're certain to list Restoration Hardware. So grab your camera and head over to this jackpot of IG pics! 


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South Howard

Where: S Howard Ave

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Tacos, brunch, and picture-worthy backgrounds? Sign us up! South Howard is perfect for both Happy Hour and your IG story. From inspirational quotes to avocado raindrops, you can find an angle to match any mood or weather! Have brunch at Daily Eats or dinner at Green Iguana, then go on a mini-adventure to find the perfect IG photo! 


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Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park

Where: 1101 W Sligh Ave

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Spend a fun day at the zoo and come home with a souvenir for your Insta! Have a friend snap a pic of you feeding the giraffes, spread your wings with the birds, or show your local pride with the Florida Panther in the background. You may even have a furry friend photobomb your pics! 


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Jackson's Bistro

Where: 601 S Harbour Island Blvd

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The view from the deck of Jackson's Bistro and Sushi Bar is unbelievable! This is the perfect spot to take a waterfront pic with the entire Tampa skyline lit up in the background. Go during Happy Hour for a cocktail, sushi roll, and your next profile picture! 


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