When all of your friends are busy and you have nothing on your calendar, it can be hard to think of something to fill your day. But think of it as an opportunity to treat yourself to a special "Me Day."

We have compiled some of the best experiences for solo adventuring around Tampa Bay. Spoil yourself with a manicure, indulge in window shopping, or spend an afternoon meditating in nature. The possibilities are endless! 

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Tranquility Wellness Spa 

Where: 149 2nd St N, St. Petersburg

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Enjoy a spa day at Tranquility Day Spa in St. Petersburg. Pedicures, facials, and aromatherapy are just some of the luxuries you can indulge in here. There are even special packages just for men! 


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Bungalow Terrace

Where: S Bungalow Terrace

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Take a stroll through Bungalow Terrace in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Established in 1913, this pedestrian-only street is lined with 19 adorable bungalow homes. This is a street unlike any other in Tampa, and it is perfect if you feel like adventuring on foot.

Tampa Theatre 

Where: 711 N Franklin St

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Take yourself out on a movie date to the historic Tampa Theatre. Showings often include cult classics like Pretty in Pink and Casablanca, as well as newly released films. If you want to make a full day of it, take a tour of the preserved theatre. 


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Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Where: I-275, St. Petersburg

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Take a mini road trip south from St. Petersburg to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This 4.1 mile bridge reaches a height of 180 feet and is the longest concrete cable bridge in the entire world! Pretty impressive, right?! So throw on your shades, roll your windows down, and enjoy this hometown landmark! 

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Hyde Park Village

Where:  744 S Village Circle

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Trendy restaurants, chill coffee shops, Instagrammable street art, and chic stores make Hyde Park Village a goldmine for a fun afternoon.  Grab a coffee at Buddy Brew, snap a selfie by one of the inspirational quotes painted on the village's exterior, and relax by the fountain (a great spot for people watching!) 


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Where: 1710 S Dale Mabry Hwy

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Looking to switch up your workout?  Take a class at Mantra, the only Lagree Fitness studio in Tampa. The megaformer has been likened to pilates on steroids, and it is perfect for getting into beachbody shape! The instructors and staff at Mantra are always positive and bring great energy to every class, so head over and take advantage of your first class for only $18! (Even better, check out the studio's Groupon deal!) 


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Sunken Gardens

Where: 1825 4th St N, St. Petersburg

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Take advantage of the natural beauty at Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg. This is the picture perfect spot to spend your day solo. Bring along your camera to snap some unique pics, or bring a journal for a private meditation session. We promise you won't want to miss out on this gorgeous attraction!


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Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Where: 400 N Ashley Drive

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Love photographs? Take a break from scrolling through Instagram and walk through the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA). Exhibits regularly include the work of local photographers, curated collections, and historical snapshots of Tampa's past.  Kylie Jenner's pics may have 113 million followers, but the photographs at FMoPA are priceless! 


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Tampa Premium Outlets

Where:  2300 Grand Cypress Dr, Lutz

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I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for outlet shopping! The Tampa Premium Outlets in Lutz are definitely worth your time with choices like  Polo Ralph Lauren and Swarovski. There are even cute art installations that are perfect for your Insta!


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Pinellas Trail

Where: Bayshore Dr & 1st Ave SE, St. Petersburg

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The Pinellas Trail spans from Tarpon Springs in the north to St. Petersburg in the south. Make it a goal to conquer the full length of the trail, or choose a leg of it to enjoy by bike, rollerblades, or foot. It's an excellent way to soak in some vitamin D while being active! 


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Bandit Coffee Co.

Where: 2662 Central Ave, St. Petersburg

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Bandit Coffee Co. in St. Petersburg is a local coffee shop that is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon with a good book or writing a story of your own! Sip on a cappuccino, take a pic with the St. Petersburg mural, and embrace the trendy decor of the shop. If you're in the mood to be chatty, there are communal tables where you can mingle with other customers — when your friends are busy, why not make some new ones??


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Kim Brothers Oriental Market

Where: 4021 W Hillsborough Ave

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Need to go grocery shopping? Skip the basic grocery store and go to the Kim Brothers Oriental Market, where you can find delicious sweets and Hello Kitty themed drinks. Make it a full day by picking up ingredients for a new recipe that you can cook for dinner! 


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Dinosaur World

Where: 5145 Harvey Tew Rd, Plant City

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Be a big kid and let your inner child out while you spend the day at Dinosaur World in Plant City. Sounds awesome, right?! Well, it is! With lifesize dinosaur replicas and X, you can leave your boredom behind as you enter a prehistoric world. 


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Clearwater Beach

Where: 112 S. Osceola Avenue, Clearwater

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Treat yourself to a beach day in Clearwater! This popular tourist attraction is pretty quiet during the week; you may even have your own private beach for the day! Grab a towel, sunblock, and a great book to read because this is a great opportunity to soak in the rays and spend some quality solo time! 


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US Cryotherapy

Where:1905 West Kennedy Blvd

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Chill out with a session of cryotherapy! This restoration activity isn't just for athletes; it's for anyone looking for a way to relax their muscles and relieve inflammation. It's also great for pain relief and weight loss! Better yet, the exterior of US Cryotherapy's building makes for a sassy Insta pic! 


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The Florida Aquarium

Where: 701 Channelside Drive

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When all of your friends are busy for the day, why not visit our wonderful friends at the aquarium?? Take Bayshore Boulevard into downtown for the Florida Aquarium, a popular attraction that is home to sea life ranging from stingrays to sharks to penguins. Have something you want to talk about? The otters are great listeners!


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Oxford Exchange

Where: 420 W Kennedy Blvd

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Is there much else better than sipping on an espresso and reading a new book? That's exactly what you can do at Oxford Exchange, a restaurant-bookstore-coffee shop in South Tampa. Cozy up in one of the comfy leather chairs for a chill afternoon to yourself. 


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Taste of Boston

Where: 5314 Interbay Blvd

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If you haven't tried the food at Taste of Boston, you're missing out! This delicious seafood restaurant is located at the front of the Ballast Point Pier and makes for a great lunch spot when you're solo. Bring a book or a journal, then settle into one of the waterfront tables. Complete your meal with a scoop of ice cream and a pic of the Tampa skyline! 


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Wisteria Antiques

Where: 2718 S MacDill Ave

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Enjoy a blast from the past at Wisteria Antiques on MacDill Avenue in South Tampa. Past treasures from this local shop have included vintage Swarovski jewelry and hand-painted perfume bottles. Whether you’re looking for a new trinket for your living room or trying to put a spin on your fall wardrobe, you’re certain to find something unique at Wisteria! 


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The Salvation Army

Where: 2815 S MacDill Ave

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Feeling thrifty? Head across the street from Wisteria Antiques to peruse The Salvation Army’s collection of secondhand finds. Antique AND thrift store shopping?? Sounds like a win-win to me! You have to check out the wall of shoes, it's amazing!


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Where: 1600 E 8th St

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Go on a solo adventure by trolley from downtown Tampa to Ybor City. Indulge in the Cuban culture, delicious food, and colorful murals that line the streets of Ybor. Get to know Tampa's most iconic neighborhood while capturing your next Insta pic! 


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Luxe Day Spa

Where: 112 S Armenia Ave

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If you're on the Tampa side of the bay and want to treat yourself to a spa day, then Luxe Day Spa is where you need to be! With services like eyelash extensions, massages, and manicures, you deserve to spoil yourself and be pampered by the friendly staff at Luxe!  


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Weedon Island 

Where: 1800 Weedon Drive NE, St. Petersburg

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Take a peaceful walk in nature through the Weedon Island Nature Preserve, complete with opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and learning about the land's native people at the on-site history center. You'll be in awe of the view from the overlooks!


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Tampa Museum of Art

Where: 120 Gasparilla Plaza

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In an artsy mood? Head over to the Tampa Museum of Art for a quiet and educational day to yourself. With both traditional and modern collections, your cultural horizons are sure to be broadened. And the view from the building’s balcony isn’t too bad, either! 


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Where: 1103 N 22nd St

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Think IKEA is only good for furnishing your apartment? Think again! The IKEA store in Tampa is a great place to spend an afternoon. This two-story megastore is filled with everything from living room furniture to garden plants to funky wall art. Explore the kids' section and crawl into one of the hiding spaces in the play areas (we promise you aren't too big!) And if you haven't tried the cinnamon buns at the refreshment stand, you're definitely missing out!


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