You won't find the perfect bouquet at a grocery store, and hoping a florist knows what you have in mind or how you like your flowers arranged can be pretty hit and miss. The only way to get exactly what you want is to do it yourself - Posies in Tampa lets you build your own stunning custom floral arrangements.

This adorable retro VW turned flower truck scoots all across Tampa Bay delivering smiles and love with eye-popping floral bouquets - all hand made by you.

You won't have to hope the florist gets your vision for an arrangement right, and you won't have to resort to a sad wilting bouquet from a grocery store. 

When you craft your own bouquet at the Posie truck, you'll find buckets full floral blooms you won't find at a grocery store. Their fresh selection has about 20 varieties of blooms, allowing you to pick and choose the perfect flowers for your bouquet.

Whether your bouquet is coming home to you or you want to craft one to surprise your BFF or boo, your bouquets will always be full of stunning fresh cuts from your great taste in color and style.

The truck is run by Stephanie - a girl with a little extra time on her hands looking to spread some love and cheer around the Tampa Bay area. According to her website, she felt that Tampa needed a vintage flower shop on wheels and was determined to make that happen.

With the help of a few friends, they retrofitted a blue VW and brought her vision to life - and it's the cutest place to get the most beautiful bouquets in the bay, made perfect by you.

Posies Flower Truck

Location: They travel all over Tampa Bay - they post the next place they'll be in the find us section of their website. You can find Posies Flower Truck next at Hyde Park Village - 1509 W Swann Ave Suite 225 Tampa, FL 33606 on Friday, June 28th.

Hours: Hours will vary depending on where they're parked. On Friday, June 28th they'll be open 11am-2pm at the Hyde Park Village location.

Price: Will vary depending on what all you put into your bouquet. Each item you put in the bouquet will have its own dollar amount - most of which are between $3-$5.

Why you need to go: The cutest retro VW van gone mobile flower truck EVER - one of the only of its kind in Florida. You get to build your own bouquet to your taste, choosing from over 20 varieties of floral blooms and greenery - your bouquet will always be perfectly made for you by you. Posies also accommodates special deliveries and photoshoots, just hit them up through their contact page to set that up.


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