You can now live your Indiana Jones fantasy at this festival in Florida. If you love reptiles, snakes, and anything that crawls you should go to the Rattle Snake Festival. Dade City is hosting the 53rd annual Rattlesnake Festival with creepy reptiles.

You'll be able to interact with a rattle snake, but careful not to get bitten. The festival will take place at the Pasco County Fairgrounds, from October 18th to the 20th. But, the festival is not just about snakes and reptiles. This festival features food, arts & crafts, live music, and wildlife.

Can you believe the festival has been running since 1967? It's a unique and traditional festival with snakes and wildlife shows. And, we get if you don't like snakes. The festival was about to be buried and never return back. But, in 2017 the Thomas Promise Foundation stepped in to continue this great community festival. 

According to Tampa Bay, in previous years the festival used to provide a pair of nice snake boots to whoever brought in the heaviest snake. 

The festival used to have hot-air balloons, flame dancers, and rock climbing walls. Maybe it's about time they bring it back.

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The festival also hosts a Wooden Gopher turtle race. Gopher Tortoises are a threatened wildlife species and are protected by the state. The tickets for the festival are not released yet but you can purchase them here once they are released. 

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A lot of locals will be excited that this festival is coming back and especially that is a great excuse to go out and eat some great food. 

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