As both a tourist and a local, Florida can seem relatively quiet and PG-rated — if you don’t know where to look, that is. At first glance, it’s easy to chalk up the whole of the Sunshine State to Mickey Mouse and beaches. Aside from some roller coasters, what’s a thrill-seeker to do in Florida? Glad you asked because you can actually fly a fighter jet in Florida at this spot called Incredible Adventures!

Not for the faint of heart, this is certainly an adventure of a lifetime, and what’s a life without a little risk? The L-39 is waiting to soar over Florida with you.

Based in Sarasota & Moscow, Incredible Adventures has built quite a name for themselves over the years. They not only offer fighter jet flights but also space adventures in zero gravity, great white shark dives, and military adventures around the world.

For the fighter jet flights, a genuine L-39 jet is used, and you're accompanied by a certified flight instructor. While some flight experience is preferred, they offer a variety of flight options of non-pilots too.

There will, of course, be training involved before you jump in and take off. Training courses are available year-round, and you can choose to complete a single lesson, or go all-in and do the complete training needed to soar solo.

An experience this unique doesn’t come cheap, but it’s certainly worth it. While the price varies depending on the selected training and prior experience, prices generally range between $3000 and $20,000.

We're ready to be flying the dream. An overview of Incredible Adventures can be found below.

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Incredible Adventures

Price: $3000 - $20,000

When: Open year-round

Address: 1903 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota, FL

Why You Need To Go: If you've ever had a dream of flying a fighter pilot, or are looking for a new adventure to go on, this is definitely the place!

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