A Central Florida city will soon get its time in the movie spotlight. Lakland, near Tampa, played host to a new Disney Plus film called The One and Only Ivan. To celebrate, an artist has created a driving tour to encourage movie fans to take in the film's sights IRL. 

The film centers of a silverback gorilla named Ivan and the movie was shot in-and-around Lakeland back in 2018. With the release of the movie approaching, LAL Today teamed up with Polk County artist Josh "Bump" Galletta to create a driving tour map of all of the film's locations.

In the film, Ivan is housed in the suburban Big Top Mall, which in real life is the Southgate Shopping Center. The center is distinct for its 1950's-style arch and old-school Publix store.

Not far from Southgate is the Dixland Elementary School, which is housed in a rare brick-clad building that posed as the school in the film.

After checking out the school, you can go cruising down West Palm Drive, a tree-laden street with all sorts of interesting architecture in this old-growth neighborhood.

The last location is a bit of a drive, but once you reach it, it will be worth it.

The Silver Moon Drive-In has been a landmark in Lakeland for over 70-years, and it's one of the few old-school drive-ins left in the Sunshine State.

So it was only natural for the filmmakers to use the Silver Moon as one of the backdrops for the film, and the old drive-in shined as always.

While the One and Only Ivan is the latest movie to be shot in Lakeland, this mid-sized city has been in the movie spotlight before.

One of the most iconic comedies in recent decades, Adam Sandler's The Waterboy, also used Lakeland as a backdrop, and parts of Edward Scissorhands were also shot in the city.

So one could take this awesome driving tour and not only check out the cool movie sites of the Disney Plus film but get an up-close and personal look at the large movie set that is Lakeland.

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