We’ve all probably experienced FOMO at least once while watching kids gleefully bounce around on trampolines and bounce houses. Our adult selves beg us to keep our dignity intact, but our inner child wants nothing more than to join in on the fun. Thankfully, Urban Air Adventure Park just opened a new location in Tampa, so not only can you release your inner child, you can do it in style.

While the new park is aimed at kids, it’s also adult-friendly — so you don’t have to worry about being that one weird adult jumping around with a bunch of kids.

Voted as one of the best trampoline parks, it’s the perfect spot for energetic kids and adults with child-like spirits alike.

With tons of ziplines, climbing walls, flip zones, courses that challenge your balance, and of course, a pizza café, there are great ways to stimulate both your body and mind.

The Warrior Course lets you test your strength and balance while competing against your friends which is great for team building and for those who have always dreamed about trying one of the Ninja Warrior courses on TV.

Wall climbing courses with different levels of difficulty will make you feel like a human puzzle, and the Sky Rider zipline takes the fun level to new heights — literally.

The Urban Air ropes course gives you a sense of defying gravity while you weave your way through the rope maze, using agility and balance while you climb.

Don’t worry, though, safety is always assured with secured harnesses.

Battle Beam will be a test of balance and strength when you face off against your friends, armed with foam swords.

While it’s not quite a battle to the death, the feeling of shoving your friend off the beam into the foam pit below will undoubtedly feel like sweet victory.

And like any giant child, you can refuel at the café with cheesy pizza, soda, and sports drinks.

There are several different packages to pick from that give you a range of activities to choose from.

The cheapest package price for $14.99 includes the trampolines, while the deluxe includes the warrior course, battle beam, basic and performance trampolines, and tubes playground.

The ultimate attraction admission adds on the unlimited flip and spin zones, sky rider, ropes course, leap of faith, and climbing wall.

This might just be the best new way for adults to play in Tampa Bay!

Urban Air Adventure Park

Price: $14.99 basic attractions, $19.99 deluxe attractions, $29.99 ultimate attractions.


Why You Need To Go: Release your inner child and climb, bounce, flip, and zipline to your heart's content.

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