There are so many great places in Tampa, we have the Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens, the Big Cat Rescue, and Studio Movie Grill - Tampa's dine-in theater that gives you a movie experience like nowhere else. 

What sets this movie theater apart from the rest is one truly amazing thing: you can order drinks (alcoholic and soft), dinner, dessert, and snacks straight to your seat with the push of a button. Oh, and did we mention the chairs are super comfy and recline? I guess that makes two truly amazing things.

This isn't some mediocre place with only hot dogs and popcorn. From steaks and specialty margaritas to vegetarian and specialty diet items, the menu is full of variety and surprisingly it is pretty reasonably priced.

No more unnecessary trips to refill your drink either - the waitstaff is on call constantly so any time you need a little extra hydration they have you covered so all you need to worry about it relaxing and watching the movie.

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Each seat comes equipt with a table, drink holder, and button to press any time you need assistance. You can choose to order dinner before the movie at their restaurant or during the movie at any time. 

The Tampa location is located at University Mall, 12332 University Mall Ct, but there is also another location closer to St. Petersburg, 7718 113th St N, Seminole.

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Ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week (around $10) and the food and drinks are an additional charge. We recommend bringing a little extra cash to tip your waiter/waitress too. You can see more information on their website here. 

The one thing the waitstaff can't help you with: bathroom breaks - sorry, you are still on your own for that one! 

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