Cruising around Millionaire's Row is a tourist's favorite but there is a hidden place in Florida more enchanting than the glitz and glamour from South Beach. If you have never heard of the Wonder House, be ready to visit this architectural monument with unique designs. 

Krislin Kreis and Drew Davis are the owners of the 10,000 square feet mansion boasting history and exuberance. The construction of the property began in 1926, however, the structure was never finished. Once the mansion was found by Krislin, the couple decided to buy it and renovate it.

The renovations have taken almost four years and full restoration is anticipated to be done in six years. The gothic-inspired interior and surrounding gardens offer visitors a journey back in time.

It would be nice to rent an Airbnb at this house, right? However, Krislin and Drew just offer historical tours at the moment with proceeds from the tour going on renovations.

The Wonder House features 24 rooms over four floors with many curiosities, original inventions, and curiosities implemented by the builder, Conrad Schuck, such as a 21 square foot rotary cabinet that is 90 years old, a sunken tub from where you could stand and see the front door, countless intricate hand laid mosaic floors and more. 

During a scheduled tour, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of the house, the builder, architecture and unique features, future changes, and progress of the renovation. There is a front yard with two bridges that used to be a pond with koi fish but at the moment the moat needs extensive repairs.

Many people have barged in looking for tours on a Sunday but the owners only accept advance bookings through their website. You can book a tour in advance here. 

Currently, the house has a vegetable garden with plans of expanding landscaping. Krislin and Drew are very passionate about historical preservation and the tours help in funding the renovations. 

The dream couple plans on doing future holiday-themed tours during Christmas and Halloween. The house also appeared in the Netflix show Amazing Interiors episode 9. For more information about the house click here.

The Wonder House

Address: 1075 Mann Rd, Bartow, FL 33830

Why you need to go: This is an old mansion from the 1920s that offers great scenery and historical information. 


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