Two years in a row, lucky Californians have seen an explosion of color in the hills of Antelope Valley as wildflowers bloomed in almost too many rainbow hues to count. This year, a little extra rain could create yet another amazing super bloom to enjoy. Keep your fingers crossed for a little bit of magic and a whole lot of poppies.

If you're in the mood for vibrant hues and loads of sunshine, this place is an absolute dream. You can walk through eight miles of flower fields!

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is a sprawling 1,781 acres of rolling green hills and natural beauty located in the western Mojave Desert.

Since the slopes are so gentle, it makes for the perfect stroll and you can walk through the park in any season if you'd like. Why not escape the city for a while and relax in the countryside?

Park entrance fees are $10 per vehicle and it's open from sunrise to sunset weekly, year-round.

The best time to come is spring since the wildflowers are known to bloom as early as mid-February and last through May.

While the orange poppies are certainly the most popular thing to see here, you can also find a lovely mix of other wildflowers including owl's clover, goldfield, cream cups, lupine, and coreopsis. 

They all come together to create a beautiful mosaic of bright spring colors and a soothing floral fragrance. The duration of the bloom and brightness of the colors varies every year. Nature really loves to show off!

Visitors come from all around to take in the truly spectacular views and take gorgeous Instagrammable pics.

There are so many trails to explore and along the way, there are benches to stop and sit at to take it all in.

If you're lucky, you might even see some of the wildlife such as meadowlarks, lizards, and maybe even a bobcat.

Watch your step as you walk, since rattlesnakes hide in the high grass during the heat.

It is also important to stay on the marked paths at all times and leave this place as beautiful as you found it. Picking flowers is not allowed.

The wildflowers are fragile and trampling them can cause growth damage for years to come.

This reserve is one of the best places in California where you can find so many wildflowers all in one spot.

Since poppy bloom has a limited season, so it is recommended to go as soon as you can to catch a glimpse of the pretty flowers before they're gone!

If you're looking for more colorful places to visit in California, you should also check out this nine-mile rainbow mountain trail in Death Valley.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Price: $10 entrance fee per vehicle

When: Mid-February - May

Location: 15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA

Why You Should Go: This is one of the best places in California to see the super bloom and their limited super bloom season is starting soon.


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