Have you ever read The Polar Express as a kid? Or watched the 2004 flick that made you wish you could be on it? Now you actually can! The Polar Express train is coming to cities across the U.S. this winter. And it promises to be as magical as ever. 

The annual holiday spectacle that goes down between November and December is a re-creation of the classic children's tale, but with a twist — it's aboard a real train for a ticket price starting at $40 per person.

Over five million passengers have already experienced this heartwarming adventure, according to the train's official website

Rail Events, Inc. puts the spectacle together every year in 50 locations across the United States. A heated coach leaves from railroads across U.S. cities. With trip lengths generally running between 60 to 90 minutes roundtrip, who wouldn't want to take a trip to the North Pole?

You can check if it's coming to your town here as each city adds its own little spin to it to make it extra magical. 

You'll be welcomed aboard by a cheery crew who'll punch stars into your golden ticket. 

You can also indulge your sweet tooth in complimentary hot chocolate and scrumptious cookies. These indulgent treats are even brought to you by dancing chefs spreading Christmas cheer in the form of carols — As we said, it can get elfin' theatrical! 

Most of these train rides will have two compartments — you can either ride coach or you can purchase a first-class ticket and ride the vintage cars. 

In first-class, your hot cocoa also comes in a one-of-a-kind collector’s edition souvenir mug, that you won't possibly find at any store.  

You can even enjoy a reading of Chris Van Allsburg's classic tale and relive your childhood. The best part? You can experience the whole spectacle in your pajamas! It's even recommended that you do. 

Amidst the holiday cheer, Santa (sometimes Mrs.Claus tags along too), will also make an appearance on board to hand out tiny silver bells for those who believe in the magic of Christmas. 

The annual holiday event draws massive crowds. In most cities like California, the ride is almost always sold out. So it's best to get cracking on those seats at the earliest to be able to experience this delightful tradition. 

The Polar Express Train Ride

Price: Ranges between $38 on off-peak days to $75 for first-class seats

When: November and December 

Address: Various locations

Why You Need To Go: To indulge your childhood fancy of actually being aboard The Polar Express + decadent hot cocoa, cookies, carols, and general Christmas cheer. 

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