Even though sunflowers are a staple of summer, there are a few sunflowers that stick around, even as we bid the peak of the season farewell. When Labor Day passes and September officially moves in, our dreams of sunflower fields and sunshine are put behind us prematurely. Fausett Farms is giving you a chance to be surrounded by these little rays of sunshine one last time, even as the weather cools down. This 30-acre farm in Georgia is opening this fall for the 2019 sunflower season

Hopefully you got to experience the magic of Anderson's Sunflower Farm's this July, but if you're still yearning to have your spirits lifted by the beauty of nature, this sunflower field in Dawsonville is the place to hit. There are seven natural wonders of Georgia, and we say this should be the eighth. 

This massive farm will see 900,000 individual flowers by the time the season ends. You'll literally be in a sea of yellow, with flowers as far as the eye can see. Some flowers will easily tower over you, reaching heights of 10 feet. 

For $10 per parked car, you can explore everything the farm has to offer. There's a $35 fee for photography sessions, but you'll want to capture the beauty of the moment for that price. If you need a break from all the walking on this huge chunk of land, they offer mule-drawn wagon rides. 

What makes this place unique is that you can bring a horse with you to trot along the trails for only $10. If you don't conveniently have a horse on hand, you are free to bring your pup on a leash.

The farm, which has been around since 1858, announced via Facebook that they officially started planting their fields yesterday. If all goes well, that means the field will be open on September 14. 

During the cooler weather days, there has been coffee and hot chocolate for sale, along with sandwiches and local honey, all which are must-buys. 

Last year, the field made it all the way until late October, so this is the prime fall date or BFF outing. If you want to take a souvenir for your trip, it'll be $1 per flower.

This gem is just south of Amicalola Falls if you're in the mood to see another natural beauty on your trip. Happy flower hunting!


Fausett Farms

Price: $10 per parked car, $35 for professional photoshoots 

Address: 11336 Hwy 136 West, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Why you need to go: Sunflower fields tend to get crowded, but this HUGE field allows you plenty of space to enjoy this wonder of nature. 



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