We are always looking for new ways to hype up our adventures, but this might be the ultimate way to stay outdoors. This Airbnb in Colorado lets you sleep on a sheer cliffside, and we are a mixture of terrified and thrilled. You can sleep high above the ground, nestled close to a towering cliff face in a hanging tent.

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this Airbnb lets you sleep alongside a mountain, tethered to it by safety equipment provided by the pros who guide you through your trip.

Camping on a cliff is hosted by a team of guides with decades of experience between them, so you know you're in good hands.

The cost is $940 per person, but the splurge is worth it to check this one off your bucket list. Maybe save it for a special occasion to surprise your BFF or S/O in the future.

You start off at their headquarters for a rundown on safety precautions, so you feel confident about your cliffside adventure.

After that, you'll hit the dusty trail, hiking up Deville Rocks to your campsite. The trail is around 2/3 of a mile and moderately challenging.

When you get to the base of the cliff, you can choose to "rock climb" up for a more intense experience, or hike up to the top, then use ropes to rappel down to the campsite. Talk about an authentic experience!

The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore, climb, learn more about "vertical living," or take some epic cliffside photos.

In the evenings, the stargazing opportunities will be like nothing you've ever seen. With your tent tethered to the side of the mountain, you will feel like you are literally sleeping in the sky among the stars.

The fun doesn't end there though, because in the morning you get to cook your breakfast in the most exotic kitchen you will ever find: one hanging hundreds of feet above the ground.

Afterward, an easy rappel session lands you back on the ground, but your head will still be in the clouds.

With your newly gained experience camping alongside a cliff, the sky really is the limit.

Next stop: Mount Everest.

Camp On A Cliff

Price: $940 per person before taxes and fees

Address: Estes Park, Colorado (exact location revealed after booking)

Why You Need To Go: You can sleep in the sky when you camp out on the side of this towering cliff.


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