Texas loves hitting the trees. Ziplines, obstacles, and pretty much anything that can get us up in the air, we are there for it! What better way to hit the sky than with this Georgetown Treetop Challenge Course that lets you take to the skies and see which one of your friends is the bravest of them all.

The course has several obstacles, on of which has you balancing on ropes to get from one end to another. Tickets per person varies from $30 to $65, but you'll get four to six hours of fun out of that. The price variation does depend on if you are a resident of the area, so we'd suggest taking your ID incase it makes it cheaper.

One of the coolest things you're allowed to do is swing through the sky with only a cord and a harness holding you up. This is truly for the daredevils so know what you are signing up for. Other challenges include rock climbing, ziplining, and even a few trapeze acts, that seem to be less scary.

The course is open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and you do have to call ahead to make a reservation. Weather sometimes makes it a little more difficult so you might want to call again and make sure your reservation is still intact if it's looking a bit gloomy outside.

Challenge Course is located at 1631 Bootys Crossing Road, Georgetown, Texas 78628. For more information on this wild course, check out their Facebook page here.

And if you're on the hunt for something a litte more different and themed, try going to the Thomas Falls Outdoor Adventure and Event Center where you can zipline over zombies. Texas Treeventures in Houston is also a worthy adventure option.

Challenge Course

Price: $30 - $65

Address: 1631 Bootys Crossing Rd., Georgetown, Texas 78628

Why You Need To Go: This treetop course has a crazy swing that lets you fly through the air.

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