Over the last year or so, escape rooms have become an exciting craze and they still are today. The creators of each facility come up with the coolest, and sometimes creepiest, themes for each room. This escape room in Savannah might be the scariest one that you will ever try to get out of. 

Located in the most haunted city in Georgia, Escape Savannah has come up with one of the spookiest themes for one of their rooms. Every so often, they change up the themes of the rooms, so you can keep going back to find new adventures. It is fun to get your brain thinking and experience all different rooms to try to get out of. 

As of July, Escape Savannah has rooms that include Zombie Apocalypse, Escape from Pirate Island, and the creepiest one of all, Escape the Haunted Room. 

In Escape the Haunted Room, you will enter an old time Victorian room. It has all different items from a fictional dead little girl and her evil mother. 

In your quest, you will uncover the secrets this family had and the mysteries that led to the little girl's tragic death. If you do not escape, you might end up just like her (not really, but you get the point). 

If you are like us, this does not only send a chill up your spine, but it also excites you. How cool is it that you can enter this bone-chilling room in the oldest, most haunted city in Georgia?

You will have one hour to complete this challenge. Only ages 12 and up can enter and the room's challenge difficulty is set to moderate. 

You and nine other friends can try and complete this challenge, if you are not too spooked out. It is a great activity for a stormy night or to test how well you and your friends work together. 

If you can get out of this escape room, we give you props and praise for getting through it. This is not for the faint of heart, so enter if you dare. 


Escape Savannah 

Price: $30

Address: 905 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Why you should go: It is the creepiest escape room in Savannah, which just happens to be the most haunted city in Georgia. It will get your brain working, while getting your blood pumping at the same time.


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