Horror fans, unite! If you've been bored on your couch binge-watching Netflix, there's another way to bring the fright fest inside. Remote escapes are trending online and it's easy to see why. This virtual 'It' experience takes you on a wild ride through the creepiest haunted house.

This experience brings you nearly 7 minutes of heart-pumping adrenaline. If you're afraid of the dark, feel free to back out now.

Since the video footage is from the actual 'It' experience in Hollywood, you just might feel like you're actually there.

You'll start off your journey by entering the property through creaky old gates. Your guide, a hooded man in a yellow jacket, waits for you holding the infamous red balloon.

He swings the front door open and you step inside the first dimly-lit room.

Only a small flashlight lights the way.

You'll walk up a winding set of see-through stairs to a narrow hallway that's covered in dust and cobwebs. It's clear no one's dared to come here for a while.

Suddenly, maniac laughter fills the hallway!

You look around, but don't see another soul in sight. What is going on?

Your guide brings you inside the creepiest bedroom ever - everywhere you turn, there's horrifying clown statues with an ever-watchful gaze.

All of a sudden the sounds of eerie piano music begins to play and the statues start to move!

A screen turns on and brings you into the home's memories as pictures of a mysterious family flood the screen. 

Before you know it, the frames start changing. Is that - It? *shudders* 

Just like those horror movies you watch, you're being led into the basement. What happens next is up to you.

All we know is you'll have the fright of your life trying to outrun this serial killer clown.

Virtual 'It' Experience

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: You'll have to outrun 'It' in this haunted virtual experience.


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