If you've ever wondered what life is like from a birds point of view, here's one experience that's made just for you. For anyone that's looking to play in the trees 70 feet above the ground, make Callaway Gardens your next road trip destination. Their Georgia treetop adventure allows you to conquer an obstacle course that's complete with ten zip lines. It's the perfect mix of an adrenaline rush coupled with scenic views. 

Callaway Gardens Treetop Adventures will have you feeling like an American Ninja Warrior as you come face-to-face with over 20 challenges including ropes, ladders, spider nets, wires and more. You'll be harnessed in, so any slip or fall won't be too devastating. If you've already conquered Treetop Quest Dunwoody, this is the perfect on-par adventure with even more thrills. 

What makes this adventure even more extreme are the ziplines. You can zipline up to 10 times on lines that range from 44 to 700 feet long

The basic "Discovery Course" features 5 zips, but you have to upgrade and add on the "Lake Course" to get the full experience. The Lake Course has the additional 5 zips over the lake in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The changing fall colors plus the lake views will leave you breathless (if you're not already breathless from the enormous course). 

Although Callaway Gardens is a resort, you don't have to stay on the property to take part in this adventure. You can conquer the Discovery Course for $35 and add on the Lake Course for $15 more. 

This is a self-guided tour through the forest canopy, so you won't have anyone holding your hand through the scariest moments. If you're still brave enough to give this course a try, the course is open every day at select times. 

It's highly encouraged to get your tickets online to save time. So stretch, practice those balancing skills, and get ready to soar to new heights by buying tickets here.  

If you're up experiencing all of Georgia's prettiest views, these fall hikes should be the next destinations on your list. 


Callaway Gardens Treetop Adventure 

Price: Tickets start at $35 + resort admission

Address: US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

Why You Need To Go: Nature-lovers can take their love of leafy and lake scenery to new heights at this challenging obstacle course. 


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