Georgia weather called and said they aren't planning on cooling down anytime soon, so why not make the most of the heat and spend some more time in the water before it's too late? Snorkeling is a super fun (and easy) water activity, especially when you're bound to see some really interesting stuff. Pull up your wetsuits and channel your courageous spirit as Halloween season approaches, because you can go snorkeling in Georgia and see some pretty creepy deep sea finds. 

Kraken Springs in White, Georgia is the only open-water recreational diving and non-motorized watersports park in the state. The facility has been open for 20 years and was fully established under the name "Kraken Springs" in 2013 to offer a wide variety of water sports including snorkeling, (certified) diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing and more.

If you ask us, lakes and springs can be a lot creepier than oceans. The waters are much darker and it's often impossible to tell how deep it is. Many man-made lakes, including Lake Lanier, are built over entire towns or cities that still lurk beneath the murky waters. *Shivers*

Kraken Springs, originally a quarry, was created by accident when workers hit an aquifer, causing spring water to transform the pit into a reservoir.

And this resevoir is now a diving spring filled with plenty of sunken goodies to send you on a wildly spooky adventure.

If you snorkel at the springs, you will be able to see some of the sunken "treasures", like some boats and jet-skis that sit under only 10-20 feet of water. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you should totally get certified to dive here with experienced professionals of Dive Georgia! Don't be intimidated by the notion because there are different levels of certifications and you don't have to go super deep (basic divers go 60 feet max).


If you dare to dive, you will see things like a skeleton in a small boat (there are rumors as to whether it is real or fake, but you'll have to see for yourself), a school bus, an abandoned sailboat, a pepsi machine, "The Undersea Bar", cars, old statues and more.

The springs provide an ideal habitat for freshwater marine life so you are bound to see some cool fish and turtles. If diving is not your forte, you can take it easy with some kayaking, paddleboarding or canoeing for a super cheap price; all of the water sports are included in the $35 entry fee, including diving.

If you want more spooky adventures this Halloween season, check out this $2 ghost tour in Georgia's most haunted city or test your bravery on this pitch black night hike.


Kraken Springs

Price: $35

Address: 801 Old Tennessee Hwy., White, GA 30184

Why You Need To Go: To take advantage of the heat and Halloween season by taking a spooky diving or snorkeling adventure with creepy sunken paraphernalia.


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