When you think of snorkeling, you think of having to go through hours of training and classes. It also means you have to dish out thousands of dollars on equipment. Only two hours outside of Atlanta, you will find a place you can snorkel without the hassle. 

Conasauga River is near the Georgia-Tennessee state line in. This spot is a great place for beginner snorkelers or for those who just want to see some aquatic life. This adventurous spot is called the Conasauga Snorkeling Hole. All you need to bring with you is a bathing suit, a snorkel mask and some snacks. 

In these waters, there are more than 70 species of fish, even some amphibians and reptiles. This location is actually the most diverse river basin in the entire world. As you begin snorkeling, make sure to not be too loud or splash because the aquatic life is very timid. 

The water in Conasauga is very clear, except if you go after it rains. You will be able to get a great glimpse of the creatures from above the water, but an even better. Being in the middle of a river, the temperature of the water can be freezing. In the summer and late spring, this can feel really nice, however in the fall, it could be dangerous.

Some species you might encounter include salamanders, crawfish, mussels and snails. It will be tempting to want to interact with these creatures, but you could be hurting them without even knowing it. It is always better to just look and not touch.

Next to the river, there is a large board with some of the different species of fish on it. You might not see all 76 while swimming, but you will see a few. You may even know the names of them. 

If you really want to feel like a professional, it is best if you wear a wet suit. These can be purchased at any outdoors store. They will also keep you warm while you are swimming through these waters. You might want to purchase swimming shoes so you do not scratch up your feet on the rocks. They will also help you swim longer.

North Georgia has many different adventures that you might not have even known existed. Here are some other beautiful adventures that are also only 2 hours away from Atlanta

You do not have to travel great distances or spend a ton of money to go on this snorkeling adventure. You will be able to see colorful fish and other species as you snorkel down the Conasauga River. Spend a day traveling and exploring new places, like this one. 


Snorkeling at Conasauga River

Price: Free!

Address: Directions here

Why you should go: You can snorkel in this river with no certification and you will not be dishing out thousands of dollars on gear. There are also over 70 species in this river. 


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