When it comes to petting zoos, we only get the opportunity to visit and experience one when the fair comes around in the Fall, or when we go to a zoo. In a small town in South Georgia, you can visit Mosley's World Famous Animal Exit Farm that is located right off of I-16.

Need a break from driving and don't know where to stop along I-16? Hop off of Exit 98 and head over to the Chevron right down the road. 

This is, and has been, a family run business. The father of the Mosley family started it up, and now his son is one of the primary caretakers of the animals and they are well taken care of every single day, Mosley's told Narcity.

To most people's surprise, this is not a normal gas station. While you are filling up your car you will be distracted by the various animal noises that are coming from the other side of the station. 

Mosley's has been a diamond in the rough, hidden gem, for years. Housing multiple types of animals, it has a little something for everyone. 

There are goats, peacocks, horses, bison, pigs, and so many more. It is only $1 to enter, and $1 for a bag of food to give to the animals. 

As you may know, I-16 is known for not having any places to stop, so this is the perfect excuse to stop at this one gas station that is on the highway. 

Most reviews on their Facebook page explain that you will spend more time here than you would expect to, considering it is a gas station. 

There are fences where the animals are kept and the animals come right up to you. They will take the food right out of your hand and you can touch them just like a regular petting zoo. 

There is even a pond that is included in this zoo that includes swans, ducks, and geese. 

Not only is there just a petting zoo, but there is also a van that will take you through the fields with even more wild animals for just $10 per person. 

On this ride, you will see a zebra, kangaroo, water buffalo, camel, bison, sheep, emu, and a monkey. 

Yes, we promise you are still in Georgia and not a safari. 

You can find this hidden treasure off I-16, Exit 98, Metter, GA 30439. Follow their Instagram, here.

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