A trip down to the Florida Keys is the ultimate getaway for most. Those stunning island vibes and unmatched stretches of beachfront are hard to ignore, but we can't ignore the price tag of a hotel stay in the Keys - many places averaging over $200 a night. Thankfully this little tiki houseboat in Key Largo is a super affordable Airbnb - road trip with your besties to The Keys anyone?

This little houseboat turned Airbnb is known as the Lil' Bamboo. In this cozy 39-foot boathouse, you can comfortably sleep up to 4 across 1 double bed, 1 sofa bed, and 1 mattress for the floor space - all with a cute tiki & sea theme!

During your stay, the boat stays stationary; however, it's right in the marina, where dolphins and manatee have been known to swim right up to the boat and deck - getting you up close to Florida's marine life.

You're also steps away from the beach, where you can relax under cute little tiki huts, live the lazy island life all day in a hammock. Grab your snorkeling gear for a swim-venture out in the ocean. 

If you're not too keen on being in the water all day, head up to the upper deck to lay out in the sun and enjoy a sweeping view of the water - such a cute little space to have burgers, prepared right on board in the houseboats kitchen, and a beer with your friends after a day on the beach, or to watch the sunrise with your coffee in hand.

Those who like to be a little more connected or worried about the heat while enjoying the best of Florida will be pleased to know that Lil' Bamboo has Wi-Fi and cable access for a night of unwinding with a glass of wine - as well as air conditioning on board.

You can see a few photos of Lil' Bamboo below.

Lil' Bamboo will be your perfect island escape, without breaking the bank; Your wallet will thank you later.

Lil' Bamboo Houseboat

Price: $185/night for 4 guests; spit 4 ways that's only $46.25/person

Location: Key Largo

Why you need to go: The cutest little tiki-themed houseboat for an affordable price; For the price, you'll be parked steps away from the beach where you can chill in a hammock or under the tiki huts and enjoy the stunning views of the water in Key Largo - like your very own little tiki island vacay on the cheap. Wi-Fi and cable access if you want to stay connected.

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